Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Luoyang City Prefabricated Building Envelope System Technology and Application Promotion Conference was successfully held

On November 17, 2020, the “Prefabricated Building Enclosure System Technology and Application Promotion Conference” hosted by Luoyang Construction Technology Association and undertaken by Luoyang Huansheng Construction Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully held. More than 70 representatives from relevant government departments, design review agencies, development and construction companies attended the meeting.

meeting venue

At the meeting, Jiao Yongjian, president of Luoyang Construction Technology Association, delivered a speech. He pointed out that in recent years, in order to implement the national, provincial and municipal policies related to the development of prefabricated buildings, the Municipal Construction Technology Association has seized the historical opportunities of “sub-central city construction” and the transformation and upgrading of the construction industry. Bridges are built between the sides to provide application promotion scenarios for the deep integration of cross-domain, all-round, and multi-level industries, and deeply promote the development of prefabricated buildings in the city.

The meeting also invited well-known experts in the industry, Lu Qinggang, deputy chief engineer of Beijing Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd., and Yang Yunfeng, engineering technical director of Beijing Jinyu Aerated Concrete Co., Ltd., to discuss the national building standards for autoclaved aerated concrete (ALC) panels. The design atlas, technical specifications and application in prefabricated buildings were deeply interpreted.

Afterwards, the participants visited and inspected Luoyang Huansheng Construction Technology Co., Ltd.

Huansheng Construction Technolog

Imported high progress ALC production line

In response to the national industrial policy on accelerating the development of prefabricated buildings, Luoyang Huansheng Construction Technology Co., Ltd. has further strengthened the synergy between the Ruyang prefabricated building industry cluster and the Luoyang prefabricated building industry chain; at the same time, it actively implements industrial solid waste integration Utilize, introduce Dutch Aircrete’s advanced technology and imported production lines, use industrial solid waste such as quartz tailings and ceramic tailings as raw materials to produce unique, extremely smooth and high-precision ALC plates, effectively promoting the national industrial solid waste Recycling.

This meeting strengthened the contacts and exchanges between enterprises, and set a new demonstration for Luoyang prefabricated construction industry to embark on a connotative, intensive and high-quality development path.

Modern finished product warehouse

Wu Zhongyang, director of the Municipal People’s Congress, and his entourage visited Huansheng Jianke Prefabricated Building Industrial Park for inspection and observation

On June 12, Wu Zhongyang, director of the Standing Committee of the Luoyang Municipal People’s Congress, and his party visited the assembly-building industrial park of Luoyang Huansheng Construction Technology Co., Ltd., accompanied by major leaders such as Chen Shuxin, Wei Jianping, Wei Xianfeng, and Ji Zhenhua.

Leader inspection

Chairman Zhang Yanan gave a brief introduction to the development of Huansheng Jianke. Wu Zhongyang and his party visited the raw material warehouse, high-precision ALC sheet production line, intelligent production data command center, automatic packaging line and other production equipment, and carefully understood the product advantages, Technology innovation, market development prospects, etc.

Leader inspection

Leader inspection

After listening to Chairman Zhang Yanan’s introduction of the company’s overall situation and development direction. Wu Zhongyang fully affirmed that the Huansheng Jianke Prefabricated Building Industrial Park project used local solid waste to develop green building materials. Wu Zhongyang gave full recognition to the industrial park project, highly affirmed the future development potential of prefabricated buildings, and appreciated the valuable experience accumulated by Huansheng Construction Division in the development of comprehensive utilization of resources to promote the innovation of wall materials, in order to protect the ecological environment. The efforts made to vigorously promote the innovation of wall materials are of reference and promotion significance.

There are more methods than problems ——”Book Fragrance Zonye” 2020 Reading Party Held Successfully

On the morning of June 6th, the “Book Fragrances and MCC” 2020 reading party with the theme “Total Methods Are More Than Problems-Creating First-Class Employees Who Can’t Find Excuses and Find Methods” was carefully prepared in the group’s office and vigorously Support was successfully held.

In the speech and message video of Chairman Zhang Yanan, the chapter of this book club was opened. Wei Ying, the assistant to the chairman and the director of the group office, invited the guest group-Zhang Xiaolei, secretary of the board of directors of Shuitou Group and director of Huanfeng Resources; Song Jianbo, deputy general manager of China Metallurgical Building Materials and China Building Materials Energy Saving Equipment Manufacturing Sector; Ren Xiaohui, CFO of Zhongyuan Environmental; Feng Ying, deputy general manager of Feng Resources, shared the difficulties encountered in their careers and how to overcome and solve them, and shared their experiences. With books as the light and work as the mirror, the guest group and the host illuminated the audience with their opinions.

Chairman Zhang Yanan's speech and message video

Chairman Zhang Yanan’s speech and message video

Five groups of book friends, “Yue Du Yue Mei”, “Reading Alliance”, “Book Charm”, “Dream Team” and “Book Sea Pickup”, discussed and spoke about the wonderful content of the book. The host and the guest group commented on the related questions and remarks published by each group. The activity of “One Million Possibilities” brought by the representatives of book friends pushed the activity to the climax again.

Members of the book club

Members of the book club

I hope that this book club is not only a form, it not only brings deep thinking, but also gives us action. Let us abandon the words “impossible, no way, no hope, can’t do it”, with a positive attitude, open our brains, let our dreams be down-to-earth and embrace a better self!

“Reading Alliance” group won the best “reading group”


The prefabricated construction project inspection team visited the unit of Ruyang County Green Building Materials Association

On April 9, 2020, the relevant leaders of the Municipal Housing and Urban-rural Construction Bureau and the Chinese Academy of Architectural Sciences, accompanied by the president of the association and the chairman of the China Metallurgical Industry Group Zhang Yanan, and the chairman of the Zhonghong Excellence Group Ye Licheng, accompanied the Ruyang County Green Building Materials and Prefabricated Construction Association Enterprise visit and inspection. The team visited Luoyang Shenghong Jinnuo Technology Co., Ltd., China Power Construction (Luoyang) Prefabricated Construction Technology Company, Luoyang Beibo Silicon Nest New Material Co., Ltd., and Luoyang Huansheng Construction Technology Co., Ltd.

The inspection team visited the production lines, product display areas, technology research and development centers and passive public rest rooms of member companies. Member companies gave presentations on raw material control, quality and quality control, product engineering applications and industry status, and elaborated on existing equipment, products and market prospects.

The chairman of the association and the chairman of MCC Heavy Industry Group Zhang Yanan emphasized that the Ruyang prefabricated construction industrial park has started a new journey of high-quality development. The association will represent the interests of the enterprise, strengthen overall coordination, efficient linkage, and form an effective mechanism for the cooperation of the entire industry chain; further Integrate the advantages of various enterprises, establish development alliances, create resource sharing, overall promotion, market co-construction, complementary advantages, promote the common development of Ruyang County Green Building Materials and Assembled Construction Association enterprises, realize mutually beneficial and diverse forms of enterprise cooperation mechanisms, and enhance The brand influence of Ruyang prefabricated construction industrial park realizes the integration of industrial development and maximizes the comprehensive benefits.

Ye Licheng, Chairman of Zhonghong Excellence Group, praised Ruyang’s advantages and achievements in the prefabricated construction industry, highly affirmed the future development potential of prefabricated construction, and appreciated the member companies’ operations management, quality control and promotion of the development of prefabricated construction industry s hard work.

Zuo Xu, the leader of the Housing and Urban-rural Construction Bureau, said that Ruyang Prefabricated Construction Industrial Park will play a leading role as a demonstration company and promote the development of the industry towards greener and higher quality. Hope that Ruyang County Green Building Materials and Prefabricated Construction Association will give full play to bridges and bonds Function, organize the optimization and promotion of the green building materials industry, drive the regional industrial advantages, strengthen confidence, seize the development opportunities and policy dividends, and build a national well-known assembly building and green building materials industry demonstration park.


The production line with an annual output of 360 million standard bricks was delivered successfully

Recently, our production line with an annual output of 360 million standard bricks was successfully delivered. The equipment is the highest degree of automation of the new wall equipment which can greatly meet the daily needs of customers. The effective connection of all processes in the whole production line is the key to ensure the stable production of new wall material enterprises, and the stability and high output of the press is a crucial link. With its excellent product performance, many technical innovation records, for the new wall material enterprise automation, safety production brings a lot of convenience.

To combat the coronavirus, ZONYE is on the move

At the beginning of the New Year, the outbreak of the new coronavirus pneumonia was rampant.,the whole country is united in the fight against the epidemic. ZONYE pays close attention to the development of the epidemic, earnestly implements epidemic prevention work, and makes every effort to ensure the health of employees.

On February 8, the company actively responded to the call and took the initiative to shoulder the social responsibility of mutual assistance, donated 200,000 yuan to the Red Cross society of jianxi district, luoyang city, and 200,000 yuan to the ruyang county anti-pneumonia headquarters, we hope to make our contribution to the prevention and control of the epidemic with the kindness of enterprises.

We are in this together. To combat the epidemic, ZONYE is on the move .

Tang Yun Mid-Autumn Festival, strong affection, Zonye family reunited

Golden autumn is sending you good wishes, and you spend a full moon, an unending friendship, sending thousands of blessings. On September 7, in order to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival 2019, and to show the company’s human culture, the solidarity and deep love of the zonye family and deep blessings for the future were sent to more small families. Upholding inheritance and openness, all holding / participating subsidiaries are invited to carry out the annual “Tang Yun Mid-Autumn Festival, Strong Love” theme activity.

The full moon is full of mid-autumn night, and the family reunion is now together. The annual Mid-Autumn Festival has also become the Group’s annual employee family open day. In the No. 2 conference room of the group, family members and children who were invited to participate in the event were happy and intoxicated in the talent show organized by the group. The children performed a talent show that inspired the potential of each child and reflected the hope of each family. Home is a small family, business is a big family, happy small family, warm everyone! The festive lantern riddles bring the festive atmosphere to a climax. In the warm leisure area, the DIY moon cakes and fan drawing activities prepared for the zonye family members were successfully held in a carefully arranged thick Chinese cultural atmosphere.

The opening and tolerance of the zonye group was beautifully exhibited during this Mid-Autumn Festival event. In the peace of the festival, the warmth of the zonye family spreads among the employees, and each zonye family will unite and work together to create a better future.

A series of activities to celebrate the 23rd anniversary of the establishment of zonye group

In June 2019, the sun is shining in the midsummer. China Metallurgical Industry Corporation ushers in the 23rd anniversary month and the annual production safety month. The group organized various subsidiaries to carry out a colorful and serious series of theme activities around the company’s 23rd anniversary and safety in production. In the atmosphere of celebration, the family members of MCC still do not forget their original intentions, uphold the mission of production safety, firmly grasp the safety rules, and lay the foundation for every happy and peaceful day of the enterprise.

The series of activities began with the “Happy Factory Celebration, Healthy Evergreen” badminton match, and the basketball unit “friendship match” of cooperative units, which explained the workplace style that sports inject vitality into the work, and work healthily and efficiently. Learning about safety education videos, annual safety production summary by the safety directors of various subsidiaries, launching safety knowledge contests, safety hazard self-inspection and self-correction display, and other safety production themed activities have sounded the alarm for employees again. On the 23rd anniversary birthday party, “Monthly Star” and front-line employees visited the group headquarters and cut the birthday cake with the chairman, wishing the company, employees, and families happy and happy.

June 18-21, zonye group and some cooperative units launch a friendly basketball game

On June 24th, the group organized a series of activities on “Safety Production Day,“ Prevention of Risks, Elimination of Hidden Dangers, and Deterrence of Accidents ”.

On June 29th, the group invited frontline employees and “Monthly Star” to participate in the 23rd anniversary birthday party

The holding of this series of activities embodies the enthusiasm of the front-line employees and leads employees to feel the development speed and pulse of MCC Heavy Industry. MCC people will go forward with higher standards, farther goals, more fierce passion, achieve new blueprints, and continue to write a new chapter!

China-Europe Low-Carbon Ecological City (Luoyang) Promotion Meeting and Forum on Solid Waste Recycling

On June 28, 2019, in order to deepen China-EU low-carbon city project cooperation and explore new models of urban green development, it was sponsored by the China-Europe Low-Carbon Green City Cooperation Project Office, Luoyang Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Bureau, and undertaken by Luoyang Huanfeng Resources Co. “China-Europe Low-Carbon Ecological City (Luoyang) Promotion Conference and Forum on Solid Waste Recycling and Utilization” was held in Luoyang.

The event invited foreign expert groups from the China-Europe Low-Carbon Comprehensive Demonstration City Cooperation Project, Henan Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Luoyang Municipal People’s Government, Beijing Jianzhu University, Henan Academy of Transportation Science and Technology, Henan Institute of Urban Construction, and counties , District) government, Luoyang Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Luoyang Urban Management Bureau and other municipal units. Relevant survey and design, development, construction, supervision companies and news media attended the event.

In March 2015, Luoyang was selected by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and the European Union as a pilot demonstration city for low-carbon ecological cities in Central Europe, and Zhuhai became the only two comprehensive demonstration cities in the country. The China-EU Low-Carbon Eco-City Comprehensive Demonstration Cooperation Project is an important part of the China-EU Low-Carbon Urbanization and Environmental Sustainability Project carried out by China and the European Union. Relying on the China-Europe low-carbon cooperation platform, Luoyang revolves around urban compact development planning, clean energy utilization, green buildings, water resources management, sponge cities, urban waste treatment and disposal, urban renewal and protection of historical and cultural features, urban construction investment and financing systems, and green building materials We will carry out demonstration activities in nine areas, promote practical cooperation in various fields, and strive to improve the quality and level of urban livable construction and green development.

Luoyang Huanfeng Resources Co., Ltd., as a key enterprise in the field of solid waste recycling in Henan Province, responds to the cooperation between China and Europe in low-carbon cities, introduces and undertakes European low-carbon environmental protection concepts, and promotes direct exchanges between Luoyang and European countries in the construction of low-carbon cities; further Established the concept of “low carbon, ecology, green”, and promoted international cooperation in the field of solid waste resource utilization in Henan Province.

In this activity, Luoyang Huanfeng Resources Co., Ltd. was highly praised by the foreign expert group of the China-Europe Low-Carbon Eco-City Project, and became a brand new business card in the field of solid waste resource utilization in Henan Province. Huanfeng Resources will take Luoyang China-Europe low-carbon ecological pilot cities as an opportunity to actively develop green and low-carbon city cooperation projects to achieve solid waste reduction and resource utilization, and promote industry development.