Detailed explanation of plaster mortar plastering process

As a new product to replace cement mortar, gypsum mortar has the strength of traditional cement, and is more environmentally friendly and durable than cement. It has a strong adhesive force and is not prone to powdering, cracking, hollowing, etc., and it is easier to use. The cost is lower. So what is the construction process of gypsum mortar plastering? Let’s take a look at the plaster mortar plastering construction method.

Grassroots processing

1. Clean up dust, oil stains, dirt, separators and other impurities on the surface of the grassroots before construction;

2. The uneven parts and openings on the base should be handled clearly and kept flat and firm;

3. The gap between the door and window frame and the wall should be infilled according to the doors and windows of various materials;

4. Wet the base layer with water in advance, pay attention to the surface without clear water before plastering;

5. Start to make corners around walls, doors, windows and pillars.

Plastering plaster construction

Gypsum mortar plastering process

1. Ceiling

Spring line-plastering cake-lower ruler-upper ruler-plastering the concrete window sill-wall punching-plastering of the floor-plastering of the face.

2. Wall

Find the rules to paste the gray cake-wipe the skirting-make the corner of the door and window hole-wipe the cement window sill-wall punching-wipe the bottom dust-wipe the face dust.

Plastering plaster construction

Gypsum mortar plastering operation process

1. Determine the plastering sequence, first up and then down, starting from the side of the door, the entire wall is continuously operated;

2. The ordinary concrete ceiling can be plastered with plaster plaster;

3. According to the flatness of the wall base, signs or standard bars should be set; the distance between the vertical standard bars should be 1.2-1.5 meters, and the width of the standard bars should be 0.03-0.05 meters;

4. If the thickness of plastering is less than 0.05 meters, it can be plastered directly with gypsum mortar, if it is more than 0.05 meters, it can be directly grounded with a light bottom layer, and then plastered with a surface layer;

gypsum-based self-leveling mortar

5. Plaster the gypsum mortar to the base layer according to the designed thickness, and then use H-shaped ruler and scraper to stick closely to the ribs and scrape the flat layer of ash on the top, bottom, left and right;

6. Press with a trowel, then check the flatness of the wall with a ruler;

7. After plastering, pay special attention to clean up the relevant positions in time;

8. When plastering mortar, plaster should be cleaned. After calendering, pay attention to good ventilation and avoid washing the finish with water. After the construction is completed, remember to clean the plastering tools in time.

The above is all about the construction process of gypsum mortar plastering. The selection of gypsum mortar plastering can reduce about 10-15%, and effectively reduce the rework phenomenon. It is a high-quality environmental protection product with the development of new technologies.