The development process of hydraulic brick machine

Hydraulic brick making machine in the industry of the past and have no chance of talent development, our country’s economic construction has developed rapidly in recent years, tile making equipment industry development has been completed is opened to the golden moment, occupied the main factors of domestic infrastructure construction, system demand of the market is opened completely, is indispensable in the process of tile production line equipment.

The main body of hydraulic brick-making machine adopts frame structure and welded steel plate, which has the advantages of high strength, few movable connections and easy maintenance. The brick presses the ejector to use the hydraulic transmission, has the work stable, the safety reliable, the service life is long, the operation is convenient, the structure is compact, the installation is simple.

 hydraulic brick machine

By introducing advanced control technology, the output of power source of brick-making machine can be reduced and the energy utilization rate can be improved greatly. This needs to start from the control system and hydraulic pump and other equipment, in the process of the brick machine cycle in the waiting link to make the main motor operation to lower or even stop, and in the brick machine needs energy supply when the rapid start to meet the brick machine operating conditions.

Modern hydraulic brick machine with fly ash as the main material, cement, lime and gypsum and other raw materials as auxiliary materials, according to a certain amount of uniform mixing, pressed by the brick machine molding, air drying into fly ash cement brick, its strength and other indicators are more than the traditional sense of sintered brick. This is the hydraulic brick machine in the raw material advantage, hydraulic brick machine another advantage is that its brick machine mold can be replaced. Now there are more types of bricks, common are hollow bricks, porous bricks, road bricks, etc., so in the production, we also need to adjust the equipment and production according to different brick products, hydraulic brick machine equipment can change the type of products by changing the mold.

In conclusion, we can see that the development of hydraulic brick machine is constantly rapidly developing. In addition to the production of bricks, hydraulic brick machine can also produce kerbstone, anti-collision kerbstone, slope protection brick, grass brick, etc., replace the mold with pigment can be pressed various colors of road bricks. The pattern of pressed products is not only clear, meet the standard of geometric size, but also has the advantages of beautiful anti-skid. Now it is widely used in highway construction, city streets, flood control works and so on.