Name Model Texture color Applicable models
Door seal WL-045 Polyoxymethylene Black For MAZDA / NISSAN cars
Cover sealing tape WL-046 Nylon For MAZDA cars
Front wall / both sides of the warehouse WL-048 Polyoxymethylene For HONDA cars
Door seal WL-049 For NISSAN cars
Cover sealing tape WL-051 For HONDA cars
Door seal WL-052 For PEUGEOT / ITROEN cars
Cover sealing tape WL-053 For MAZDA / NISSAN cars
Door seal WL-054 Nylon For GM cars
Cover sealing tape WL-055 Polyoxymethylene For TOYOTA cars
Rear door seal WL-056 Nylon For HONDA cars
Door seal WL-057 Polyoxymethylene For FORD cars
WL-058 Nylon Orange For HONDA cars
Cover sealing tape / Front panel WL-059 Black TOYOTA
Door seal WL-060 For GM cars
WL-061 Polyoxymethylene Blue For NISSAN cars
Cover sealing tape WL-062 Nylon Black For VW cars
Door seal WL-063 For FORD cars
WL-064 For HONDA cars
Front panel / ventilation panel seal WL-065 Polyoxymethylene
Door seal WL-066 Nylon
Front panel sealing strip WL-067 Polyoxymethylene TOYOTA
Door seal WL-069 For NISSAN cars
WL-070 Nylon For HONDA cars
Front door seal WL-071
Door seal WL-094
Car head cover sealing tape WL-095 For HYUNDAI cars
Rear door seal WL-097 For NISSAN cars