Autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC for short) is a green, energy-saving and prefabricated building material that has been active in the global market for more than 70 years. It is made from natural raw materials such as water, quartz sand tailings, lime, cement and a small amount of aluminum powder. Autoclaved aerated concrete products (such as partition boards, reinforced steel structures, blocks, etc.) have the characteristics of environmental protection, thermal insulation, sound insulation, earthquake resistance, fire resistance and light weight.

Building System AAC wall panels

AAC Panel

AAC block

AAC Block


Autoclaved aerated concrete also provides a fast, economical and sustainable building materials solution for your construction market. Compared with traditional residential and commercial building materials,autoclaved aerated concrete products have their unique product properties and advantages.

1. Autoclaved aerated concrete products are easier to process so that precise post-processing of blocks and plates can be performed (such as drilling, sawing, nailing, etc.).

2. The excellent thermal insulation performance of autoclaved aerated concrete reduces energy consumption for heating or cooling.

3. Autoclaved aerated concrete can be used in thinner joints to reduce the use of raw materials and reduce costs.

4. Autoclaved aerated concrete is 5 times lighter than traditional concrete.

5. Unlike other building materials, autoclaved aerated concrete materials can be used without the help of any pruducts.

6. The steel reinforced structure in autoclaved aerated concrete gives it the ability to bear weight.


We have developed unique process technologies to ensure the efficiency and reliability of our company’s equipment. The most innovative product brought by us is the extremely smooth cutting line, which can produce autoclaved aerated concrete products of excellent quality. The main feature of this product is the extremely smooth product cutting surface, which revolutionized the design and construction of the building.


Our cutting equipment has a high-speed vibration cutting line, which can give the product an extremely smooth cutting surface. After the first cutting line, a second smoothing line is added.

What can the extremely smooth cutting surface bring to our customers?

Extremely smooth interior wall panels, floor / roof panels, special blocks.

Can produce extremely thin blocks and boards with a thickness of only 35 mm.

High-precision cutting (<1mm).

Reduce the cost of plastering and finishing in the later stage of construction.

Greatly reduce construction cost and save time.

Make our customers stand out in the market.




Process type Translation cutting system Flip cutting system
No need to separate Separation after steaming Separation before steaming
Step 1 Use a blank crane Flip (90 °) Flip (90 °)
Step 2 Cutting (horizontal placement) Cut (vertical placement) Cut (vertical placement)
Step 3 Horizontal steam cultivation Vertical steaming Flip again
Step 4 Sorting, packing Separation after steaming Bottom waste removal
Step 5 / Bottom waste removal Separation before steaming
Step 6 / Sorting, packing Horizontal steam cultivation
Step 7 / / Sorting, packing

Optimize the production process,unique and flexible product range

Unique product quality-super smooth cutting surface

Low operating and maintenance costs

Zero material waste during cutting(<1%)

Flexible production capacity (320-1500 m³/day)

Highest cutting accuracy (<1mm)

The most advanced horizontal cutting technology

The only technology that can produce high-quality steel bearing plates

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