Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Products Application

The company aims at the industrialization of prefabricated buildings, and uses quartz tailings sand, ceramic sludge, and industrial waste (fly ash desulfurized gypsum) to produce high-precision aerated concrete sheet products. The steel structure is a frame system, supporting assembly building components such as energy-saving doors and windows, and superimposed floor slabs, and building an exemplary assembly building industrial park.

Mortar Application

Mortar Application

The product is a solid mixture of graded aggregate treated by screening and cement, mineral admixture and polymer additives with the functions of water retention, thickening, viscosification, crack resistance and freeze resistance. Supporting the mechanical construction of the material storage tank of our company, high efficiency, good quality, easy construction, each person can be built every day 150-200 square meters.

Autoclaved Wall Material Equipment Application

Relying on the technical advantages of the company’s green building materials and new wall equipment, we have rich experience in general contracting of projects, which can effectively protect customer needs and provide quality services.

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