ZY-1200 W hydraulic press launches the new era of Zonye’s press machine manufacture,It is the new press machine researched and developed by Luoyang Zonye Heavy Industry Machinery Co,Ltd, based on longstanding experience between Zonye Heavy Industry Machinery Co,.Ltd and ANGRU engineering.
In sand-lime field.It is especially applicable for sand-lime brick production,and complies with highest requirements of international markets.

The main body of ZY-1200 W press machine adopts the framework of 4 beam-columns.The 4 precisely casting beams are connected and fixed by means of preload force of 4 columns to ensure the stability of press machine and highest quality of green bricks.
Real press machine with double pressing force: Height of finished brick-250mm Perfect intelligent hydraulic system Output increases above 30% for bricks with 250mm height Dignified and fashionable appearance design More humanized and easy to maintain perfect safety facilities, excellent safety performance, depth of foundation only 850mm.