Bulk density


Water retention


Initial setting time

About 80min

Final setting time

About 120min

Flexural strength


Compressive strength


Tensile bond strength


Material usage



Modified by low energy consumption and half water gypsum plaster mortar, building gypsum, selected (light) aggregate, polymer modified excitation agent with precise measuring, mixing single component made of premixed dry powder products, according to the established wall leveling construction can be carried out when adding water mix proportion, as well as artificial construction, can also be mechanized spraying construction.


Plastering plaster is suitable for general plastering works of building interior walls and ceilings, except for indoor damp areas such as kitchen and toilet. Lightweight plastering plaster is suitable for leveling the plastering of most basic materials (aerated concrete, lightweight partition slat, brick, concrete, etc.). The normal plastering thickness of plastering plaster is 5mm ~ 25mm, the minimum thickness of plastering finish surface is 5mm, the total thickness of ceiling plastering should be less than 10mm.


1.High coating rate, reducing construction cost.

2.No sprinkling and maintenance is needed to reduce the construction cost; Construction material and labor saving, its weight is only half of the traditional cement mortar.

3.Early strength, quick hardness, good volume stability, wall leveling quality guaranteed.

4.Low density, effective reduction of building load.

5.Environmental protection, safety and rest assured.

6.Superior fire prevention and thermal insulation performance, energy saving and consumption reduction.

7.Adjust air humidity to create a comfortable living environment.

8.It can attenuate sound pressure, prevent sound energy projection, and has good sound insulation performance.