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Autoclaved aerated concrete is manufactured as blocks or panels. Shown here are panels being placed for residential walls. Unlike concrete masonry units, AAC blocks are solid, with no molded core holes. Standard blocks are 8 inches high, 24 inches long, and 4 to 12 inches thick. An 8x8x24-inch block weighs only 35 pounds, so it’s […]

Application fields of autoclaved aerated concrete products

Aerated concrete is based on siliceous materials (sand, fly ash, and silica-containing tailings, etc.) and calcareous materials (lime, cement) as the main raw materials, mixed with aerating agent (aluminum powder), and through batching, mixing and pouring , Pre-curing, cutting, autoclave, curing and other processes made of light porous silicate products. Non-load-bearing blocks are the most […]

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete-Environmental Benefits

AAC has manufacturing, embodied energy and greenhouse gas emission impacts similar to those of concrete based on weight, though it is one-quarter to one-fifth that of concrete based on volume. AAC products or building solutions have lower embodied energy per square meter than a concrete alternative. Additionally, AACs much higher insulation value reduces energy consumption […]

The development and characteristics of prefabricated houses

The prefabricated house refers to the house prefabricated and assembled on site. It uses the latest cold-pressed light steel structure and various parts of the light-weight material to combine the various parts of the house, so that it has excellent heat preservation, sound insulation, fire prevention and insect protection, energy saving, earthquake resistance, Moisture-proof function. […]


AAC Panels are aperfect solution to construct large scale commercial and industrial buildings. They also pioneer the building materials market when it comes to practical and durable construction. From giant distribution centers to new shopping malls, Our wall protect valuable goods due to their outstanding strength and low heat absorption. Therefore, the panels are also […]

4 Reasons to Consider AAC blocks

A typical China structure is built with concrete hollow blocks, but right now there’s a better option available. Autoclaved Aerated concrete or AAC blocks are made with inorganic material that make it stronger and more durable compared to what we commonly use right now. Here are four reasons why you should consider using it instead […]

Economic benefits of autoclaved aerated concrete blocks

Autoclaved aerated concrete block is composed of calcareous and siliceous materials. The porous structure is formed by chemical gas generation method, and the lightweight artificial stone with high strength is obtained through autoclaved curing. It can be said that autoclaved aerated concrete block is a kind of autoclaved porous silicate concrete with special chemical aerating […]