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What are the application areas of AAC panel

With the development of science and technology, building materials are also changing with each passing day, and various wall materials can be constantly updated and promoted. The AAC panel, also known as ALC panel and autoclaved aerated concrete panel, is favored by the industry as a new building materials with superior performance.The AAC panel is […]

AAC Fireproof Board System

AAC Panel is used as a fireproof Panel, which is widely used in firewalls and steel structure building cladding beams and pillars. AAC Panel is a non-combustible inorganic material with good fire resistance. It is used as wall panel with a fire resistance of 100mm thick panel>3 Hours; 150mm thick panel>4 hours; 50mm thick panel  […]

AAC is fireproof.

AAC is fireproof. AAC is itself rot-proof and termite-proof. AAC is substantially sound proof. AAC can be engineered to withstand 140 mph hurricane winds. AAC doesn’t mildew or mold. AAC is solid , structural, monolithic and self-insulating. AAC has the lowest environmental impact of any wall system. AAC walls last a long time with no […]