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Guide for production and use of hydraulic brick machine

As the name suggests, the hydraulic brick machine is a mechanical equipment that uses hydraulic transmission as the power to produce bricks. It is the mainstream model of large brick machines. As a large-scale machine, there are many requirements that need to be paid attention to when the hydraulic brick machine is used in production. […]

What is the difference between cement mortar and mixed mortar?

Cement mortar and mixed mortar are common and commonly used materials in decoration, but many people in life do not know what is the difference between cement mortar and mixed mortar. Let’s take a look at the difference between cement mortar and mixed mortar. The difference between cement mortar and mixed mortar Cement mortar=cement+sand+water, used […]

Luoyang City Prefabricated Building Envelope System Technology and Application Promotion Conference was successfully held

On November 17, 2020, the “Prefabricated Building Enclosure System Technology and Application Promotion Conference” hosted by Luoyang Construction Technology Association and undertaken by Luoyang Huansheng Construction Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully held. More than 70 representatives from relevant government departments, design review agencies, development and construction companies attended the meeting. At the meeting, Jiao Yongjian, […]

Three future trends of prefabricated buildings

Greening is the most important symbol of prefabricated buildings Green prefabricated buildings are the most important symbol of the industrialization and modernization of buildings. The new green prefabricated building system will inevitably be widely used in future buildings. At present, developed countries are paying attention to the development of new green assembly building systems based […]

What are the construction standards for autoclaved aerated concrete blocks?

Autoclaved aerated concrete block has light weight, thermal insulation performance, good fire resistance performance, good energy saving and environmental protection, effective use of industrial waste, economical cost, and more importantly, it has strong shape and convenient construction by workers. It is precisely because of these advantages that aerated concrete blocks are widely used as infill […]

AAC Material Handling Procedures

Please read the following instructions to insure proper handling and installation of autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC). Damage may occur if AAC is moved or handled several times. All special considerations for construction products Deliver material far enough in advance of the installation start date so schedule will not be delayed. Unload panels using pallet forks […]

AAC Products & Applications

Autoclaved aerated concrete AAC stands for highly efficient thermal insulation, optimal fire protection, and masonry with excellent load-bearing abilities. Lime, sand, cement, and water – mineral and natural raw materials – form the main ingredients of AAC. A large amount of closed cells with stagnant air give the panels and blocks unique properties and processing […]

The concrete construction method of gypsum mortar plastering

As a new product to replace cement mortar, gypsum mortar plastering has the strength of traditional cement, and is more environmentally friendly and durable than cement, with strong adhesion, not prone to chalking, cracking, hollowing, etc., and is easier to use Cost is lower. So what is the construction process of gypsum mortar plastering? Let’s […]