The prefabricated construction project inspection team visited the unit of Ruyang County Green Building Materials Association

On April 9, 2020, the relevant leaders of the Municipal Housing and Urban-rural Construction Bureau and the Chinese Academy of Architectural Sciences, accompanied by the president of the association and the chairman of the China Metallurgical Industry Group Zhang Yanan, and the chairman of the Zhonghong Excellence Group Ye Licheng, accompanied the Ruyang County Green Building Materials and Prefabricated Construction Association Enterprise visit and inspection. The team visited Luoyang Shenghong Jinnuo Technology Co., Ltd., China Power Construction (Luoyang) Prefabricated Construction Technology Company, Luoyang Beibo Silicon Nest New Material Co., Ltd., and Luoyang Huansheng Construction Technology Co., Ltd.

The inspection team visited the production lines, product display areas, technology research and development centers and passive public rest rooms of member companies. Member companies gave presentations on raw material control, quality and quality control, product engineering applications and industry status, and elaborated on existing equipment, products and market prospects.

The chairman of the association and the chairman of MCC Heavy Industry Group Zhang Yanan emphasized that the Ruyang prefabricated construction industrial park has started a new journey of high-quality development. The association will represent the interests of the enterprise, strengthen overall coordination, efficient linkage, and form an effective mechanism for the cooperation of the entire industry chain; further Integrate the advantages of various enterprises, establish development alliances, create resource sharing, overall promotion, market co-construction, complementary advantages, promote the common development of Ruyang County Green Building Materials and Assembled Construction Association enterprises, realize mutually beneficial and diverse forms of enterprise cooperation mechanisms, and enhance The brand influence of Ruyang prefabricated construction industrial park realizes the integration of industrial development and maximizes the comprehensive benefits.

Ye Licheng, Chairman of Zhonghong Excellence Group, praised Ruyang’s advantages and achievements in the prefabricated construction industry, highly affirmed the future development potential of prefabricated construction, and appreciated the member companies’ operations management, quality control and promotion of the development of prefabricated construction industry s hard work.

Zuo Xu, the leader of the Housing and Urban-rural Construction Bureau, said that Ruyang Prefabricated Construction Industrial Park will play a leading role as a demonstration company and promote the development of the industry towards greener and higher quality. Hope that Ruyang County Green Building Materials and Prefabricated Construction Association will give full play to bridges and bonds Function, organize the optimization and promotion of the green building materials industry, drive the regional industrial advantages, strengthen confidence, seize the development opportunities and policy dividends, and build a national well-known assembly building and green building materials industry demonstration park.