AAC Block

About AAC Block

Invented in 1920 by Swedish scientist, Mr. John Axel Ericson, Autoclaved Aerated Concrete or AAC blocks, is a steam-cured cementitious product manufactured from a mix of pulverized fly ash, cement, lime, gypsum and an aeration agent, giving it its unique cellular lightweight internal structure.

Its light weight nature, excellent thermal insulation, acoustic properties and energy efficiency make AAC an intelligent building solutions system.

AAC combines durability and strength with its extraordinary buildability and superior ecological green features. Its exceptional attributes make it an effective replacement to ordinary red clay and fly ash bricks; making AAC blocks the preferred choice for all building applications.

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AAC Block Size Parameter(mm)
Length Width Thickness
600 30,40,50,60,75,100,125,150,175(Increment by 25) 200,240,250,300
Density Thickness(mm) Length(mm) Height(mm)
A-300 50-500 400-625 200-250
A-400 50-500 400-625 200-250
A-500 50-500 400-625 200-250
A-600(sound insulating) 50-500 400-625 200-250
1.The above parameters are GB15762-2006 parameters, and the export products and other sizes are negotiated between the supplier and the buyer.

2.Dimensional accuracy: as per EN 77-4for thin layer morta