What are the advantages of automatic hydraulic brick machine?

With the development of the times, the traditional brick machine production cannot have satisfied the need of environmental protection and energy saving, now is now used more automatic hydraulic brick machine equipment, automatic hydraulic brick machine equipment is not only efficient and brick pressure is big, the preparation of the products are of good quality and high yield, and low noise at work, will not have too big impact on the surrounding environment, development to the present technology of brick machine, very mature, low failure rate.

The following is a detailed introduction to the advantages of the automatic hydraulic brick machine:

1. Efficient intelligence

One of the first characteristics of the automatic hydraulic brick machine is efficient and intelligent, compared with the traditional brick machine before, the operation is simple and convenient, operators can learn how to operate the brick machine in a very short time, for the manufacturer of bricks to save a lot of labor costs. It also improves the efficiency of brick making, after all, people will affect the progress of brick making, but the automatic hydraulic brick machine will not, it will only operate in accordance with the fixed procedures, accurate and efficient work to save a lot of costs.

automatic hydraulic brick machine

2. Mature technology

After the replacement of several generations of machines, now fully automatic hydraulic brick machine technology has been very mature, the failure rate is very low, it is not a new industry, but has gone through a long time of development, technical equipment and other aspects have been improved, do not often worry about the problem of equipment maintenance when using.

3.Wide sources of raw materials

Different from the traditional brick making equipment before, the automatic hydraulic brick making machine needs clay as raw material. The current brick making machine can use industrial waste residue as raw material, such as gangue, fly ash, iron slag, oil-base shale ash, red mud, furnace slag and so on. The sources of raw material, industrial waste is waste of other businesses, make the discard pile up will also pollute the environment, automatic hydraulic brick machine to good use it up, is not only the industrial waste, construction waste also can be used to make bricks, the source of raw material widely decided the low cost of automatic hydraulic brick machine, high efficiency.

automatic hydraulic brick machine

4. High product quality

Full automatic hydraulic brick machine has high hydraulic forming pressure, compact structure between main engines, four-column guide, high precision, good rigidity, small type, stable work, reliable performance. These good performance makes the product quality is good, the finished product degree is high, compared to the early firing molding, hydraulic molding has an obvious advantage.

automatic hydraulic brick machine

5. Convenient production and processing

The automatic hydraulic brick machine adopts the mold frame floating pressing molding, can continuously press the porous brick, realized the hydraulic molding machine presses the porous brick, and can automatically recover the cloth and formed after a little waste, there is no need to stop, no need to manual cleaning. It’s more convenient to use.

In addition to the production of bricks, hydraulic brick machine can also produce kerbstone, anti-collision kerbstone, slope protection brick, grass brick, etc., replace the mold with pigment can be pressed various colors of road bricks. The pattern of pressed products is not only clear, meet the standard of geometric size, but also has the advantages of beautiful anti-skid. It has very good application space to highway construction, city street, flood control project and so on.