Comparison of prefabricated building construction technology and traditional technology

Prefabricated building construction features

1. Components can be industrialized production in the factory, the construction site can be directly installed, convenient and fast, can shorten the construction period.

2. Components in the factory using mechanization production, product quality is more effective control.

3. The turnover of material input decreased, material rental costs decreased.

4. Reducing the amount of wet work on the construction site is conducive to environmental protection.

5. Material waste can be reduced to a certain extent due to the reduction in the amount of work on the construction site.

6. The component mechanization degree is high, can greatly reduce the site construction personnel.

prefabricated buildings

Process introduction of the whole building assembly stage

1. Installation of external wall panel (sandwich insulation cake);

2. Installation of wall panel connectors and treatment of board joints.

3. Installation of composite beams.

4. Installation of inner wall panel.

5. Column, shear wall steel binding.

6. Elevator shaft template installation.

7. Installation of shear wall and column formwork.

8. Pouring concrete for walls and columns.

prefabricated buildings (2)

Comparison with traditional crafts

Compared with the traditional method: the external frame is cancelled in the construction site, the indoor and external wall plastering process is cancelled, the steel reinforcement is distributed uniformly by the factory, the floor bottom mold is cancelled, the wall plastic template replaces the traditional wood template, and the construction waste on the site can be greatly reduced. In addition, the components are prefabricated in the factory, transported to the construction site and then lifted and placed by large lifting machines. The operator only needs to place the buttress plate and fix it temporarily, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the operator.