Comparison of Properties between Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Panel and Blocks (Part 3)

6.The construction speed is different

(1) Installation

Because the AAC panel is a production plan based on the secondary design of the drawings, it is the finished product that can be directly assembled and spliced on-site that arrives at the construction site, and because each piece has an area of 3.6 square meters and is very light, workers install and construct The speed is very fast; because the aerated block is a standard general-purpose material, it is necessary to prepare masonry mortar, so compared with AAC panel, the installation speed is obviously much slower;

(2) Auxiliary structure

ALC slabs do not require structural columns, ring beams, and reinforcement belts, so the construction period is shortened; aerated blocks require structural housing and ring beams to assist in installation, so the construction speed is restricted;

AAC panel

(3) Different decoration

AAC panel does not require double-sided plastering and is dry construction, so the construction speed is greatly improved; aerated blocks need double-sided plastering and wet construction, so the construction speed is greatly affected.

Comprehensive evaluation: According to the comparison of actual projects, it is known that the use of AAC panel can shorten the construction period by one third compared with the use of aerated blocks.

7.Different construction

(1) Slotting

Because there is a steel mesh in the slab, it is easy to slot both horizontally and vertically. In order to slot and open the holes, the plate can be hollowed out. The stability of the steel mesh is supported without affecting its stability; blocks with a thickness of 150 or more are simple Some, such as thin slotted walls/blocks are prone to penetration cracking, and the wall stability is poor; it is dangerous if the transverse slot is too long;

AAC panel

(2) Hanging heavy objects

Install heavy objects on the wall with a static load of 110-140KG and a dynamic load of 60-80KG; there is no problem with installing heavy objects such as air conditioners, water heaters, marbles, and tiles on the 75-120 thick slab wall; due to the poor stability of the blocks, the hanging Hanging heavy objects is very dangerous; especially the stability of 100-120 thick blocks is worse, and heavy objects cannot be hung;

8.Different quality

The use of AAC panel for internal and external wall panels, there are fewer hollows and cracks on the wall; the use of aerated blocks as the surface of the wallboard will definitely have hollows and cracks, which are well-known common problems of materials.