The AAC Building System

AAC prefab Wall Panels are a perfect solution to construct large scale commercial and industrial buildings. They also pioneer the building materials market when it comes to practical and durable construction. From giant distribution centers to new shopping malls, AAC walls protect valuable goods due to their outstanding strength and low heat absorption. Therefore, the panels are also a proven firewall solution, superior to any alternative building material.

Low-cost housing can only be achieved by the use of effective planning and projectmanagemetww cost materials,economical construction fechlction methoexactly what AAC
Building, System offers .The AAC System is complettandardized with Super Smooth blocks and panels to allow for the optimization of increaseeed,re- -duced complexity and optimized cost for a construc- tion project.


Durable and resistant, AAC blocks provide excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, structure and fire protection in one lightweight product.

Lintels & U-Blocks

AAC lintels are special load- bearing reinforced products. They serve as beams to support the weight of the wall (live, dead and wind) over window or door openings.

Cladding Panels

AAC cladding panels are unique AAC products for farade applications. The product is extremely light and can be as thin as 35mm. They are suitable to be directly applied on exterior of any building.

Floor Panels

AAC floor/roof panels are load-bearing elements used in residential and commercial constructions.


Wall and partition panels are the main elements of aac Building System for fast and cost effective building requirements.