Analysis of the advantages of automatic hydraulic forming machine in environmental protection

As the name suggests, automatic hydraulic forming machine is to “hydraulic” hydraulic transmission power production brick mechanical equipment, is a large brick machine mainstream model. Automatic hydraulic brick machine has the advantages of no noise, high output, high density, it does not need to support the plate maintenance, maintenance cycle is short, and the use of less manpower, no requirements on the working ground, the production of a wide range of products, can meet the needs of a variety of brick production. At present, it is an energy-saving and environment-friendly hydraulic brick making machine supported by the state. Automatic hydraulic brick machine can replace the production of traditional brick kiln, is not only reflected in this aspect of energy conservation and environmental protection, people pay more attention to the quality of molding brick products.

Automatic hydraulic forming machine

Automatic hydraulic forming machine adopts the most from waste of raw materials, such as fly ash, slag, slag, construction waste, lime, sand, environmental protection with hydraulic brick machine for these waste of resources optimization method reflects the features of environmental protection, put the rubbish into the resource of reasonable and effective, reduces the waste produced, played a good role in environmental protection. This is a new type of hydraulic brick machine equipment, is improved according to the principle of hydraulic press and main application on the molding process, its unique pressure molding process easy and convenient, is the use of hydraulic oil as working medium and running of the brick machine, production process does not produce any waste material, it has obvious advantages compared with sintering process.

The two characteristics of automatic hydraulic forming machine determine its development prospect, its emergence promotes the implementation of the building energy conservation development strategy in China, and lays a good foundation for the development of new wall material market.