There are more methods than problems ——”Book Fragrance Zonye” 2020 Reading Party Held Successfully

On the morning of June 6th, the “Book Fragrances and MCC” 2020 reading party with the theme “Total Methods Are More Than Problems-Creating First-Class Employees Who Can’t Find Excuses and Find Methods” was carefully prepared in the group’s office and vigorously Support was successfully held.

In the speech and message video of Chairman Zhang Yanan, the chapter of this book club was opened. Wei Ying, the assistant to the chairman and the director of the group office, invited the guest group-Zhang Xiaolei, secretary of the board of directors of Shuitou Group and director of Huanfeng Resources; Song Jianbo, deputy general manager of China Metallurgical Building Materials and China Building Materials Energy Saving Equipment Manufacturing Sector; Ren Xiaohui, CFO of Zhongyuan Environmental; Feng Ying, deputy general manager of Feng Resources, shared the difficulties encountered in their careers and how to overcome and solve them, and shared their experiences. With books as the light and work as the mirror, the guest group and the host illuminated the audience with their opinions.

Chairman Zhang Yanan's speech and message video

Chairman Zhang Yanan’s speech and message video

Five groups of book friends, “Yue Du Yue Mei”, “Reading Alliance”, “Book Charm”, “Dream Team” and “Book Sea Pickup”, discussed and spoke about the wonderful content of the book. The host and the guest group commented on the related questions and remarks published by each group. The activity of “One Million Possibilities” brought by the representatives of book friends pushed the activity to the climax again.

Members of the book club

Members of the book club

I hope that this book club is not only a form, it not only brings deep thinking, but also gives us action. Let us abandon the words “impossible, no way, no hope, can’t do it”, with a positive attitude, open our brains, let our dreams be down-to-earth and embrace a better self!

“Reading Alliance” group won the best “reading group”