Four advantages promote the rapid development of automatic hydraulic brick machine

In recent years, China’s economic construction has developed rapidly, the domestic infrastructure construction has taken the leading role, the brick manufacturing demand market has been fully open, brick machine has become an essential equipment. The reasons can be found in the following aspects:

1.The main body of the automatic hydraulic brick machine adopts the frame structure and is made of high-quality steel plates welded together. High strength, less active connection, easy maintenance, etc., brick machine adopts hydraulic drive injection, has the advantages of stable operation, safety and reliability, long service life, convenient operation, compact structure, simple installation;

automatic hydraulic brick machine

2.Due to the advanced control technology, reduces the brick making machine power output reactive power loss, greatly improving the energy utilization ratio and need, from the perspective of the control system and hydraulic pump, the main motor in the process of circulation to reduce to a lower even stop waiting for the link, in the brick making machine work, when brick need power supply, can quick start, to meet the operating conditions of a brick making machine.

automatic hydraulic brick machine

3.Modern hydraulic brick machine with fly ash as the main raw material, cement, lime, gypsum as auxiliary materials, according to a certain proportion of uniform mixing, after the brick machine pressing molding, drying into fly ash cement brick, its strength and other indicators are higher than the traditional fired brick. In addition, the brick machine mold can be replaced, now there are many kinds of bricks, such as hollow brick, porous brick, paving brick, etc., so in the production, we also need to adjust the equipment and production according to different brick products, hydraulic brick machine equipment can change the output of the product, just replace the mold can be achieved.

4. Hydraulic brick making machine can produce road stone, anti-collision roadside stone, slope protection brick, planting grass brick, etc., use the paint instead of the mould can suppress various kinds of color brick road, after pressing product pattern clear, geometry size standards, prevent slippery beautiful, mainly used in highway construction, city streets, flood control engineering, multi-purpose, fully meet the market demand, to reduce the user’s greater investment risk.