China-Europe Low-Carbon Ecological City (Luoyang) Promotion Meeting and Forum on Solid Waste Recycling

On June 28, 2019, in order to deepen China-EU low-carbon city project cooperation and explore new models of urban green development, it was sponsored by the China-Europe Low-Carbon Green City Cooperation Project Office, Luoyang Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Bureau, and undertaken by Luoyang Huanfeng Resources Co. “China-Europe Low-Carbon Ecological City (Luoyang) Promotion Conference and Forum on Solid Waste Recycling and Utilization” was held in Luoyang.

The event invited foreign expert groups from the China-Europe Low-Carbon Comprehensive Demonstration City Cooperation Project, Henan Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Luoyang Municipal People’s Government, Beijing Jianzhu University, Henan Academy of Transportation Science and Technology, Henan Institute of Urban Construction, and counties , District) government, Luoyang Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Luoyang Urban Management Bureau and other municipal units. Relevant survey and design, development, construction, supervision companies and news media attended the event.

In March 2015, Luoyang was selected by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and the European Union as a pilot demonstration city for low-carbon ecological cities in Central Europe, and Zhuhai became the only two comprehensive demonstration cities in the country. The China-EU Low-Carbon Eco-City Comprehensive Demonstration Cooperation Project is an important part of the China-EU Low-Carbon Urbanization and Environmental Sustainability Project carried out by China and the European Union. Relying on the China-Europe low-carbon cooperation platform, Luoyang revolves around urban compact development planning, clean energy utilization, green buildings, water resources management, sponge cities, urban waste treatment and disposal, urban renewal and protection of historical and cultural features, urban construction investment and financing systems, and green building materials We will carry out demonstration activities in nine areas, promote practical cooperation in various fields, and strive to improve the quality and level of urban livable construction and green development.

Luoyang Huanfeng Resources Co., Ltd., as a key enterprise in the field of solid waste recycling in Henan Province, responds to the cooperation between China and Europe in low-carbon cities, introduces and undertakes European low-carbon environmental protection concepts, and promotes direct exchanges between Luoyang and European countries in the construction of low-carbon cities; further Established the concept of “low carbon, ecology, green”, and promoted international cooperation in the field of solid waste resource utilization in Henan Province.

In this activity, Luoyang Huanfeng Resources Co., Ltd. was highly praised by the foreign expert group of the China-Europe Low-Carbon Eco-City Project, and became a brand new business card in the field of solid waste resource utilization in Henan Province. Huanfeng Resources will take Luoyang China-Europe low-carbon ecological pilot cities as an opportunity to actively develop green and low-carbon city cooperation projects to achieve solid waste reduction and resource utilization, and promote industry development.