A series of activities to celebrate the 23rd anniversary of the establishment of zonye group

In June 2019, the sun is shining in the midsummer. China Metallurgical Industry Corporation ushers in the 23rd anniversary month and the annual production safety month. The group organized various subsidiaries to carry out a colorful and serious series of theme activities around the company’s 23rd anniversary and safety in production. In the atmosphere of celebration, the family members of MCC still do not forget their original intentions, uphold the mission of production safety, firmly grasp the safety rules, and lay the foundation for every happy and peaceful day of the enterprise.

The series of activities began with the “Happy Factory Celebration, Healthy Evergreen” badminton match, and the basketball unit “friendship match” of cooperative units, which explained the workplace style that sports inject vitality into the work, and work healthily and efficiently. Learning about safety education videos, annual safety production summary by the safety directors of various subsidiaries, launching safety knowledge contests, safety hazard self-inspection and self-correction display, and other safety production themed activities have sounded the alarm for employees again. On the 23rd anniversary birthday party, “Monthly Star” and front-line employees visited the group headquarters and cut the birthday cake with the chairman, wishing the company, employees, and families happy and happy.

June 18-21, zonye group and some cooperative units launch a friendly basketball game

On June 24th, the group organized a series of activities on “Safety Production Day,“ Prevention of Risks, Elimination of Hidden Dangers, and Deterrence of Accidents ”.

On June 29th, the group invited frontline employees and “Monthly Star” to participate in the 23rd anniversary birthday party

The holding of this series of activities embodies the enthusiasm of the front-line employees and leads employees to feel the development speed and pulse of MCC Heavy Industry. MCC people will go forward with higher standards, farther goals, more fierce passion, achieve new blueprints, and continue to write a new chapter!