China metallurgical heavy industry 2018 welcome new annual banguetsatisfactory concluded

The New Year, new beginning. On February 10, 2018 afternoon, China metallurgical heavy industry group’s annualmeeting was held in huayang plaza international hotel! Accompanied by beautiful and elegant of ballet, the annual meeting began with a retrospective video, which recalled the wonderful and touching moments of the group in 2017. Subsequently, Zhang Yanan, chairman of sunny delivered a warm New Year’s greeting. In 2017, he thought, each subsidiary are yielded fruitful results. In 2018, the company from top to bottom to seize opportunities, create for capital, respecting the market and ability of the enterprise culture, improve vitality of group’s development, concentric,so as to create a better tomorrow together with one heart, one moralityandone force .

board chairman zhang ya’nan new spring oration

Outstanding employees and excellent teams are the cornerstone of enterprise development, and the group held a grand award ceremony for outstanding employees and excellent teams in 2017

CEO Cao Mingchun presented the award.

Cheng hua, the dean of xi ‘an research and design institute of wall materials, China building materials awards

Yan Hongxing, executive vice CEO Presentation of awards

China building materials xi ‘an wall materials research and design institute party secretary xiao hui awards

The following wonderful cultural performances, will be the evening party to the climax again and again!

A dreamy “dreamland ballet”

Fashionable and graceful staff style show

Soulful tone poems “China metallurgical dream, our dream”

Looking back on 2017, we are affectionate and heroic; Looking forward to 2018, we are full of confident! The new year, let us embark on a new journey, to achieve new leaps and bounds!