Heart of the mountains education, love lit dreams

On June 2, 2018, representatives of 30 members of China metallurgical heavy industry volunteers association went to shiqiao primary school, dongwangzhuang town, yiyang county to carry out charity aid activities. In this activity, MCC volunteers association not only brought new computers, printers, projection equipment, basketball stands and other facilities to the school for improving the teaching hardware level, but also brought new clothes, new bags, new stationery, extracurricular reading materials, cakes and other items for primary school students.

Attended this activity has the dong wang zhuangxiang shi qiao village branch secretary, the village director and the school related leadership. Activities at the beginning, China metallurgical heavy volunteers association sea element sensitivity on behalf of the association of China metallurgical heavy industry group chairman sunny, and the company all staff in a speech, love expressed deep greetings and care for the children, and encourage the children to study hard, worked hard, in the future become a pillars just, positive promotion for weak due to the traditional virtue of Chinese people, will be the “love the baton” forever.

On behalf of all the teachers and students, the principal, hu yuhui, gave a thank you speech on behalf of the volunteers, saying that the school should make efforts to make good use of donated resources, improve teaching quality, enrich students’ activities in and out of class, and encourage teachers and students to return to the society with hard work and excellent academic performance, and live up to the ardent expectations of the caring people. Sun yujie, an outstanding student from shiqiao primary school, delivered a touching speech, saying that we should strive to become stronger and learn hard. When we grow up, we should use our own efforts to help others and relay our love.

Wei ying, general secretary of zhongye heavy industry volunteer association, accepted the “heart of the mountain education, great love lit dreams” pennant presented by President hu on behalf of the school. Subsequently, the student representatives presented the leaders and members of the volunteer association with red scarves in high regard.

At the end of the ceremony, the volunteers took soccer, basketball, table tennis, rope skipping and chess as groups, and led the children to carry out wonderful activities. While teaching through entertainment, they also guided the children to learn about the world with love, and opened up their minds to please themselves and others.

A trickle of water inflow springs, particles of sand gathered into a tower. We firmly believe that love will light up the hope and cultivate the perfect life. As long as we have good intentions and put them into action, our society will be more harmonious and beautiful.

Note: shiqiao primary school of dong wangzhuang town, yiyang county, is located in a remote area of yiyang county, 20 kilometers away from the county town, and is a primary school in a small number of impoverished and remote areas in luoyang city. At present, there are four classes with 101 students and 5 teachers.