Tang Yun Mid-Autumn Festival, strong affection, Zonye family reunited

Golden autumn is sending you good wishes, and you spend a full moon, an unending friendship, sending thousands of blessings. On September 7, in order to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival 2019, and to show the company’s human culture, the solidarity and deep love of the zonye family and deep blessings for the future were sent to more small families. Upholding inheritance and openness, all holding / participating subsidiaries are invited to carry out the annual “Tang Yun Mid-Autumn Festival, Strong Love” theme activity.

The full moon is full of mid-autumn night, and the family reunion is now together. The annual Mid-Autumn Festival has also become the Group’s annual employee family open day. In the No. 2 conference room of the group, family members and children who were invited to participate in the event were happy and intoxicated in the talent show organized by the group. The children performed a talent show that inspired the potential of each child and reflected the hope of each family. Home is a small family, business is a big family, happy small family, warm everyone! The festive lantern riddles bring the festive atmosphere to a climax. In the warm leisure area, the DIY moon cakes and fan drawing activities prepared for the zonye family members were successfully held in a carefully arranged thick Chinese cultural atmosphere.

The opening and tolerance of the zonye group was beautifully exhibited during this Mid-Autumn Festival event. In the peace of the festival, the warmth of the zonye family spreads among the employees, and each zonye family will unite and work together to create a better future.