What are the performance of AAC panel?

In modern building construction, there is a new type of material that is widely used with its excellent characteristics and low price. This material is AAC panel. It is a porous concrete forming plate made of silica sand, cement, lime, etc. as main raw materials and cured by high-pressure steam. It can be used as wall material and roof panel. It is a new type of building material with superior performance. So, what are the specific performances of AAC panels? Here is a brief introduction for everyone:

1. Lightweight

Because AAC panels are aerated products, their dry bulk density is 500 kg per square meter, which is one-fourth of concrete and one-third of hollow bricks. The use of AAC panels can reduce the weight of the building, reduce the economic investment of the foundation and structure, reduce the construction difficulty of the weak base, and increase the quality of the foundation construction.

2. Thermal insulation

The AAC panel is composed of a relatively large number of uniform small pores that are not connected to each other. These pores form a static air layer in the material, so that the AAC panel has better thermal insulation performance, and its thermal conductivity is 0.11W/m• K, its thermal insulation performance is 10 times that of ordinary concrete, 6 times that of glass, and 7 times that of clay bricks; AAC panels can reach world thermal insulation standards without additional thermal insulation materials, and are buildings with better thermal insulation performance. material.

3. Fire resistance

AAC panel has very low thermal conductivity and slow heat migration. It is a non-combustible inorganic material with good fire resistance. As a wallboard, the fire resistance limit is 100 thick plates> 3 hours; 150 thick plates> 4 hours; 50 thick plates to protect steel The beam fire resistance limit is> 4 hours; all have exceeded the first-class fire resistance standard.

4. Sound insulation

The AAC panel is a porous material composed of a large number of uniform and disconnected tiny pores. It has good sound insulation performance. The average sound insulation of 100-thick AAC panels is 40 decibels, and the average sound insulation of 150-thick AAC panels is 45 decibels. Therefore, it can create a highly airtight indoor space and provide a quiet and comfortable living environment.

5. Bearing capacity

AAC panels include exterior wall panels, partition panels, and roof panels. The internal reinforcement map of the AAC panel is automatically calculated and grouped by the computer according to the force requirements of the part, so that the bearing capacity of the panel can be realized. Therefore, AAC panels are more used in different buildings, and more used in steel structure buildings.

6. Environmental protection, no radioactivity

According to agency testing, the AAC panel has an hourly exposure of 12RU per hour, which is far lower than the World Health Organization standard and is a non-radioactive green building material. At the same time, the AAC panel production process complies with the GB6566-2001 standard and is a green building material with no radioactivity and no harmful substances.

7. Earthquake resistance

The different seismic performance of AAC panels is better. The scientific and reasonable installation node design and installation method of the AAC panel make the wall built can adapt to the larger interlayer angle displacement.

8. Durability

AAC panel is a kind of silicate material, it will not age in light and air, its acid and alkali resistance is better, as long as normal maintenance is carried out, there is no weathering problem. Using it as the maintenance structure of the building can completely meet and exceed the requirements of the specified service life of the building.

9. Impermeability

Although the AAC panel is a porous material, due to its reasonable process conditions, not only the internal defects and micro-cracks of the material are few, but the pores formed are uniform and unconnected closed pores, which makes it have excellent impermeability Sex. In a comparative experiment with reference to the Japanese JIS standard, after four days, when the water column in the glass tube on the red brick dropped by 283.3 mm, other autoclaved aerated concrete dropped by 162 mm, AAC panels only dropped by 58.7 mm, and only 88.3 mm after 6 days. Therefore, the impermeability of AAC panels is 4 times better than standard bricks and 2 times better than other aerated concrete.
AAC panel has good durability, high frost resistance, good construction performance, high softening coefficient, good surface quality, and resistance to cracking, etc., making it popular in building decoration. The above is the description of the performance of the AAC panel, I hope it can help everyone to have a more detailed understanding of the AAC panel. Luoyang APEX Trading Co.,Ltd. specializes in the production and development of AAC panels, with various types and rich models, which can be customized according to customer needs. Interested parties are welcome to consult.