The working principle of hydraulic forming press and the introduction of working medium

Hydraulic forming press is a machine that uses hydrostatic pressure to transfer energy to process metal, plastic, rubber, wood, powder and other products. It has obvious technical and economic advantages in reducing weight, reducing the number of parts and molds, improving rigidity and strength, and reducing production costs. It has been increasingly used in industrial fields, especially in the automotive industry. So, what is the working principle of the hydraulic forming press and how does it work? Here is a brief introduction:

Working principle


1. The pump is driven by the motor and attracted by the fuel tank. The pump oil filter pumped through the pressure pipe is converted into a state in which the output oil valve handle, by opening the stop valve, the throttle valve, to the left valve chamber for the hydraulic cylinder handle inward, pushes the piston and the table to move To the right.

2. In this case, each cylinder is in the right chamber of the reservoir and the hydraulic cylinder and the return pipe through the discharge valve. If the direction of the valve stem outward is converted into a state in which by opening the shut-off valve, the throttle valve and entering the cylinder, the piston and the pressure oil pipe in the right chamber of the push gauge are moved to the left, and through the return line valve Cylinder chamber and drain return pipe left oil. The moving speed in the table is adjusted by the throttle.

3. When the throttle opening increases the moving speed of oil into the cylinder and the gauge; when the throttle is closed, the moving speed in the gauge is reduced. In order to overcome the resistance of various mobile platforms, the cylinder must be large enough to generate the thrust generated by the hydraulic cylinder.

4. In this system, the fluid pressure at the pump outlet is determined by the valve. The opening direction of the handle is downward and the hydraulic engineering cylinder pipe is returned to the tank through the stop exhaust valve and a return pipe, which will not be lost. When the cylinder is stopped and turned to the open state, the meter stops.

Working medium

The hydraulic forming press not only transmits the pressure, but also the working parts of the machine are sensitive, reliable, long life and less leaking. The basic requirements for the working medium of the hydraulic forming press are: suitable fluidity and low compressibility to improve transmission efficiency; anti-corrosion; good lubrication performance; easy to seal and stable performance.

The hydraulic forming pressis used for the pressure processing and forming of various plastic materials, such as the extrusion, bending, deep drawing of stainless steel plates and the cold forming of metal parts. It can also be used for the pressing of powder products, grinding wheels, bakelite and resin thermosetting products. The above is an introduction to the working principle and media of the forming hydraulic press. I hope it will be helpful for everyone to understand the hydraulic forming press. Luoyang Zhongye Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of hydraulic forming press, with high quality and low price, and can be customized according to customer needs. Interested parties are welcome to come to consult.