How about AAC panel performance?

Because AAC panel is aerated product, its dry bulk density is only 500Kgm3. Using AAC products can reduce the weight of the building, reduce the economic investment of foundation and structure, reduce the difficulty of construction of weak bases, and improve the quality of foundation construction. AAC products have low thermal conductivity, slow thermal migration, and can effectively resist fire. AAC itself is an inorganic matter, and does not produce harmful gases even at high temperatures.

Our company’s autoclaved aerated concrete automatic production equipment was introduced in Germany, with high quality and excellent performance. It is a multi-porous concrete molding sheet (mainly made of reinforced steel treated with treated steel) made of silica sand, cement, lime and other main materials and cured by high-pressure steam. It can be used as both wall materials and roof panels. A new type of building material with superior performance. Its main features are as follows:

1. Bulk density: AAC board has a light bulk density (absolutely dry) Y0 = 600-700Kg / m3, dry density is 1/3 of red brick, 1/4 of concrete, dry density is lighter than water, it is called concrete floating on water ;

2. Strength: Cube compressive strength ≥4MPa, single-point hanging force ≥1200N. As a non-load-bearing maintenance structural material, it can fully meet the requirements for bending resistance, crack resistance and joint strength of the plate under various conditions of use. It is a lightweight and high-strength maintenance structural material;

AAC block

3. Thermal insulation: This material not only has good thermal insulation performance, the thermal conductivity is only 0.11-0.16W / mk, but also has better thermal insulation performance [heat storage coefficient S = 2.75W (m2.k)]. When used When the thickness is reasonable, it can be used not only in cold areas with high heat insulation requirements, but also in areas with hot summer and warm winter or hot summer and cold winter, which meet the requirements of energy-saving standards;

4. Sound insulation: This material is a porous material composed of a large number of uniform, disconnected tiny pores, and has good sound insulation performance. The average sound insulation of 100 thick AAC boards is 40dB, and the average sound insulation of 150 AAC boards is 45dB. ;

5. Fire resistance: AAC sheet is a non-combustible inorganic material with good fire resistance. As a wallboard, the fire resistance of 100 thick plates> 3 hours; 150 thick plates> 4 hours; 50 thick plate protection steel beams> 4 hours ; Both exceed the first-class fire resistance standards;

6. Durability: AAC is an inorganic silicate material that does not age and has good durability. Its service life can match the service life of various buildings;

7. Frost resistance: Good frost resistance, after the freeze-thaw test, the mass loss is <1.5% (national standard <5%), and the strength loss is <5% (national standard <20%);

8. Impermeability: Good impermeability, 5 times better than standard bricks;

Low Bulk Denbo

9. Softening coefficient: high softening coefficient, Rw / Ro = 0.88;

10. Green environmental protection material: This material is non-radioactive and no harmful gas escapes, it is a green environmental protection material;

11. Constructability: industrialization and standardization of AAC sheet production, industrialization of installation, sawing, cutting, planing, drilling, dry construction, fast speed;

12. Compatibility: AAC board has a complete application supporting system, with special connectors, jointing agent, repair powder, interface agent, etc .;

13. Simple construction and low cost: using this material does not need plastering, reducing the cost of 20-25 yuan / square meter; can be directly putty spray paint;

14. Good surface quality and no cracking: The dry surface construction of this material is adopted, so there is no hollow crack phenomenon on the board surface;

15. It is convenient to hang objects without cracking: it is convenient to hang air-conditioning water heaters, wash basins, etc., and construction is simple and easy to handle; AAC board has scientific and reasonable node design and installation methods. It ensures the stability of the wall outside the plane on the basis of ensuring the strength of the nodes At the same time of safety, through the rotatability of the wall plate in the plane, the wall body has the following ability to adapt to the large horizontal displacement in the plane. In this way, it can ensure that the building maintenance structure will not be damaged greatly under the action of strong wind or seismic force, and has strong seismic performance.In the 1: 1 simulated earthquake test, after the 10.5 degree (1.2g) earthquake test, all the plates of the test building model were not broken, and none of the 120 AA plate installation nodes were damaged. AAC board has been used in more than 1500 domestic and foreign construction projects as internal and external wall panels, roof panels, etc .;

16. Use AAC board as inner partition wall can increase the use area;

17. The use of AAC boards can reduce the decoration cost by not less than 15% compared with the use of aerated blocks.