Automated wall material production line realizes full line automation

1. Production and storage status of autoclaved wall materials

Since 1913, China’s autoclaved brick production line has been completed in Guangdong, China’s vast majority of autoclaved brick products are collected and stored in bulk. This method allows autoclaved wall materials to be sold and transported in a small radius; bulk workers labor High strength, difficult to find labor, high cost; In addition, there are shortcomings such as high damage rate of products in bulk transportation mode and large land area for finished products in the factory.

In order to solve the problem of product packaging and transportation, some equipment manufacturing enterprises have developed manual packaging and semi-automatic packaging equipment with trays. Although this can meet the needs of some packaging, it cannot reduce the labor intensity of workers, nor can it solve the problem of difficult employment of enterprises. Pallet recycling has become a new issue. Therefore, manual and semi-automatic palletized packaging equipment cannot meet the needs of customers, and autoclaved wall materials companies are still developing hard.

2.The birth of fully automatic no-pallet packaging unit

The customer’s problems and the pursuit of solutions are the driving force for the birth of new technologies and products. With the goal of “liberating industrial workers from heavy labor”, we strive to provide better solutions for wall material manufacturers. The company’s executives worry about the urgency of the industry and invested heavily in the development of fully automatic trayless packaging technology. With in-depth understanding of user needs and continuous breakthroughs in key technologies, in 2012, fully automatic trayless packaging units were born.

3.Advantages of fully automatic no-pallet packaging unit

Fully automatic no-pallet packaging technology is a finished product packaging processing technology that extends at the back end of the autoclaved wall material production process line. It packs and stacks the products after the autoclave, which greatly reduces the damage of finished products during loading, unloading, storage, and transportation. It solves the problem that the end-packing, storage, and transportation of autoclaved wall material enterprises cannot be automated, and the trend of automated packaging, packaging, and transportation of autoclaved wall material products has been well received by users.

“No-pallet” packaging is designed to recycle the internal components of the equipment, and does not participate in product sales, avoiding losses caused by the use of wooden pallets. (Using a new building material factory with an annual output of 120 million pieces in tray packaging, only the damage caused by the damage to the tray is as high as several hundred thousand yuan.)
The automatic trayless packaging unit has a high degree of automation. The entire packaging production line requires only two people to operate, but the production capacity is as high as 300,000 pieces / day. The huge advantage in the production process makes its comprehensive packaging cost only 0.008-0.01 yuan / piece (including Packaging tapes, unit operators, electricity, equipment depreciation, and packaging materials such as base film). The sales radius of packaged products can be increased by 100km-200km.

Based on fully automatic palletless packaging technology, the company has developed a series of products such as autoclaved brickless palletless packaging units, aerated concrete palletless packaging units, aerated plate palletless packaging units, and sintered brick automatic unloading and packaging units. For the entire industry companies can also carry out customized development based on trayless packaging technology according to demand!