The main theme of future warehouse logistics construction:9 advantages of prefabricated buildings

The modernization process of China’s green building industry is speeding up. Relying on industrialization pilot projects, prefabricated buildings with ecological protection, excellent quality and affordable and comfortable benefits are becoming the main theme of future warehouse logistics construction in the future. It can be likened to building a house like a mobile phone, putting different parts on the assembly line of a factory. According to the standard production of steel structure, doors, Windows, light bulbs and other “building parts” to the factory for modular assembly, and then these semi-finished “building parts” to the site for construction, it has overturned the construction industry nearly a hundred years of history, changed the traditional construction mode.

(1) 10-fold construction safety (100% quality assurance)

Compared with traditional buildings, steel structure components are manufactured with high precision in the factory in the early stage, and the production is controlled by high-tech production equipment. Site construction by mechanical operation, reduce the error of manual operation, quality more guaranteed, construction more safe. And the construction efficiency is improved by 4-5 times.

Prefabricated building

(2) More convenient (1/3 building weight)

Steel structure wall gives full play to the comprehensive advantage of steel and concrete, less convex column, less wall number, strong double, indoor area utilization rate increased by 4%-6%. The number of steel structure walls is small, which reduces the building weight by 2/3 compared with traditional buildings. The layout of indoor lightweight non-load-bearing walls can be changed at will, and the decoration is more optional.

(3) More earthquake-resistant (grade 9)

The number of earthquake casualties is closely related to the structure of buildings. The traditional reinforced concrete building is 7 class earthquake resistant, which is easy to collapse and cause a large number of casualties. And the steel structure building 9 earthquake resistance, ductility, can absorb more earthquake energy, so more earthquake resistance.

(4) Short construction period (1/4 of the construction period)

Because, steel structure parts for the factory according to the specification of production, site construction assembly, construction is not affected by the weather. The floor slab adopts fabricated steel truss self-supporting floor slab, which can be constructed by multiple layers at the same time, realizing three-dimensional crossover operation. The construction speed is faster, three floors a day, saving 3/4 construction period compared with traditional buildings.

(5) 93% of factory work (1/10 of field work)

The work of the site is done in the factory, outdoor work is done indoors, construction simulation and site lofting are done by computer, and 85% ~ 95% of the parts and components can be processed in the factory, which is about 60% less than the traditional construction site operation. At the same time easy to dismantle, some products can be reused, materials can be recycled. In the future, more will be delivered to the site is not scattered steel, concrete, thermal insulation board, but a piece of wallboard, stairs and other “parts”; The workers assemble these “parts” into houses with the help of machines.

(6) 1% construction waste (green building)

Traditional buildings produce 200 kilograms of garbage per square meter, and a 50,000-square-meter building emits about 10,000 tons of garbage. Construction waste accounts for 30%-50% of urban waste, and construction material transportation and construction dust account for 10-30% of urban air pollution. It consumes a lot of water and pollutes water sources. Prefabricated buildings can be finished in factories, and construction sites are free of fire, water, dust and smell. No welding, no cement, no gauze, construction waste less than 1% of the conventional building.

(7) 5-fold energy saving (1/5 air conditioning consumption)

The wall adopts light energy saving standard precast wallboard instead of clay brick, which has good thermal insulation performance, and can save 50% energy compared with reinforced concrete building, and keep constant temperature in winter and summer. It saves heating energy in winter and energy consumption of air-conditioning and other refrigeration equipment in summer, which is only 1/5 of that of traditional buildings.

(8) More environmentally friendly (green building)

Steel structure housing USES dry construction, so noise pollution, dust pollution, water pollution is very low. During the construction, the amount of sand, stone and ash is greatly reduced. The materials used are mainly green 100% recycled or degraded materials. When the building is dismantled, garbage pollution will not be caused.

(9) 20-fold air purification

Through the unique “electrostatic precipitator” and “high efficiency filter”, the indoor air is 20 times cleaner than the outdoor air, with very few inhalable particles and 100% filtration of the outdoor dirty air.