Five Keys of Production Quality Management of AAC Blocks

AAC block is a new type of wall material that can effectively realize the self-insulation function of the wall. Due to the characteristics of wide source of raw materials, good fire resistance and high production efficiency, AAC blocks have been widely used in the interior and exterior wall engineering of industrial and civil buildings. AAC blocks are one of the new wall materials with a large amount of consumption, and their quality is related to the entire new wall material industry and construction industry. It is urgent to improve the production quality of AAC blocks. The author believes that in terms of improving the production quality of AAC blocks, the most effective method is to use advanced technology and equipment to strengthen production quality management.

There are five keys in the production quality management of AAC blocks: raw material management, proportioning management, cutting management, curing management, and product inspection.

Raw material management is the focus of all production management. In the management of raw materials, we must ensure the stability of raw materials. For the raw materials of AAC blocks, it is necessary to focus on the silica content, silt content, and loss on ignition of the siliceous materials or fly ash. Lime also has a great influence on the production quality of AAC blocks. Pay attention to lime digestion temperature, digestion speed, magnesium oxide content, undigested residue, fineness.

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Proportioning management is also one of the keys of various production management. The key point of the proportioning management of AAC blocks is to manage the calcium to silicon ratio and water consumption of the mixture. The most common quality problem of AAC blocks is low strength.

Cutting is one of the most likely processes in the production of AAC blocks. The cutting process mainly affects the size and appearance quality of AAC blocks. The key to cutting management is to control the strength during cutting. Before cutting AAC blocks, it is necessary to determine whether the strength of the static curing is suitable for cutting according to certain standards.

The key to curing management is to control the appropriate heating rate and ensure sufficient curing time. In recent years, there has been a process to shorten the AAC blocks steaming time and spread in some places, which will seriously affect the quality of the AAC blocks. If the heating rate is too fast, it is easy to cause the product to crack; if the insulation time is too short, the product cannot reach sufficient strength. To this end, China Aerated Concrete Association once called for: adhere to the curing system to ensure product quality.

Ex-factory inspection is the final pass of product quality management. The key is to carry out product inspection in strict accordance with the frequency required by the standards and quality management system.

In short, improving the quality management level can not only improve the quality of AAC blocks, but also reduce the production costs of enterprises and increase economic benefits. APEX adopts the world’s leading equipment and technology, and pays attention to the quality management of the whole process. The AAC blocks produced have smooth cut surfaces and reliable quality. Welcome to visit and purchase!