APEX’s green wall equipment

APEX’s green wall equipment is also promoting a green innovation. Our equipment not only saves labor, energy consumption, and land resources; it reduces investment and operating costs for the wall material industry, and improves efficiency. It provides a complete system solution for energy saving and emission reduction in the country where the customer is located, for promoting the use of solid waste and protecting cultivated land.

Hydroforming machine

Our hydraulic forming machine has:

1. The robot completes the operations of grasping and loading blanks at one time, reducing intermediate links and greatly improving the yield.

2. The automatic material return device automatically transports the waste material away from the operation area during the production process, reducing labor intensity and eliminating potential safety hazards.

3. By changing the mold, the autoclave trolley can load a variety of brick types (standard bricks, blind hole bricks, through-hole bricks, slope protection bricks, seismic bricks, pavement bricks, block).

4. Double protection of safety fence and infrared safety light curtain to ensure the safety of the working area.

Hydroforming machine

Innovative design of advanced yard blank method, press forming and yard blank method smoothly connected, the robot directly reaches the inside of the forming machine to grab the billet and put the yard on the steam curing car, reducing the intermediate link of transfer. The pallet realizes a full layer of 90-degree cross palletizing, which greatly improves the kettle capacity and finished product rate. This equipment is one of the most automated new wall materials in China.

Industrial robot technology and the automatic control system of the press are perfectly combined. The automatic return system, safety fence and infrared dual protection effectively eliminate potential safety hazards and create the leading safety and stability in the industry. The equipment layout is reasonable, combining left and right, compact structure, saving an area of ​​15 square meters, saving about 200,000 one-time capital investment, and greatly reducing maintenance costs.

This model can produce standard bricks, blind hole transfer, through-hole bricks and various shaped bricks. It has strong environmental adaptability and saves nearly 300,000 labor costs annually. It is the first choice for customers to invest in automatic production lines.