The secret of installation skills of AAC panel

When it comes to autoclaved aerated concrete panels, everyone first thinks of large pieces like the original prefabricated panels. AAC panel is the abbreviation of aerated concrete panel. Models and varieties can be customized according to customer needs. The longest is 6 meters long and the thinnest can be processed to 5 cm. The production is convenient and flexible, and it is the material of choice for prefabricated buildings.

You will say that such a long, such a large panel, how to install it, light-weight autoclaved bricks are built on the walls one by one, how can this panel be built stably? Don’t worry, people are smart, there are ways to make products, then scientists will also find ways to teach you to install.

AAC panel

There are many installation methods for AAC partition panel. How to fix is the key.

1. The installation of AAC partition panel is divided into horizontal mounting panel and vertical mounting panel , usually fixed at both ends.

2.AAC partition panel is usually fixed by U-shaped card, pipe clip, or hook bolt. The hook bolt method needs welding because of that This is mainly suitable for steel structure  project.