2019 autoclaved aerated concrete industry high-quality development forum held in Zhengzhou-autoclaved aerated concrete green wall project officially started

2019 Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Industry High-quality Development Forum cum Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Green Wall Project Launching Ceremony, Third Series of Workshops on Application Technology and Marketing Strategy of Aerated Concrete Production, October 10 to 13, 2019 Held in Zhengzhou, Henan Province. The activity aims to give full play to the advantages of autoclaved aerated concrete products in green buildings and prefabricated buildings, to avoid vicious competition of low quality and low prices, and to promote high-quality development of the industry.

This series of activities is jointly sponsored by the China Materials Recycling Association Wall Material Innovation and Recycled Building Materials Working Committee and the National Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Technology Innovation Cooperation Alliance. The chairman from the national aerated concrete production enterprise and related persons in charge of technology and marketing, the heads of industry authorities and related units, the heads of some construction, design, construction, supervision and other units at the event venue, and experts and scholars at home and abroad shared This thought feast.

Zhao Bing, Secretary-General of the Professional Committee on Wall Material Innovation of the China Circular Economy Association, hosted the forum on October 11, and He Qinlong, Deputy Director of the Department of Science and Technology and Standards, Henan Provincial Department of Housing and Construction, delivered a speech. Ke Weidong, secretary general of the National Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Alliance, head of the discipline of the State Key Laboratory of Silicate, and researcher Wu Shouwei of Wuhan University of Technology, and Liu Yi, group technical director of Zhejiang Hangjiazetong Building Energy-saving New Materials Co., Ltd. respectively gave the topics as “Analysis of the aerated concrete industry situation and safe and high-quality green wall solutions”, “Technical guarantee for the production of high-quality aerated concrete products”, “Analysis of the advantages of aerated concrete products in fabricated buildings” Li Guozhu, deputy director of the Institute of Science and Technology Development of China Academy of Building Research Co., Ltd., and Li Jianmin, chief engineer and professor-level senior engineer of the Henan Academy of Building Sciences, respectively interpreted the “Green Building Evaluation Standards” and the national and local standards for aerated concrete . Andre Antonio, general manager of Aircrete from Europe, shared advanced production and application technology of aerated concrete.

At the meeting, the chairman of the National Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Technology Innovation Strategic Cooperation Alliance, Luo Kezuo, read out the decision to add Henan Xing’an New Building Materials Co., Ltd. as the vice chairman unit of the alliance. The National Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Technology Innovation Strategic Cooperation Alliance, Henan Xing’an New Building Materials Co., Ltd., and Henan Chengyuan Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. also signed a letter of intent on strategic cooperation for “jointly creating an autoclaved aerated concrete green wall project”. .

The meeting also organized a green production and application observation of aerated concrete, and held the launching ceremony of aerated concrete green wall project. At the production plant, the participants watched with interest the aerated concrete pilot line (micro-experimental production line), provincial technology center and production site of Henan Xing’an New Building Materials Co., Ltd. The company’s standardized management and technological innovation made everyone Eye-opener. It is reported that the refueling pilot line of Xing’an Company is the first (and currently the only one) in China.

At the launching ceremony of the autoclaved aerated concrete green wall project, Liu Guocun, the deputy director of Zhengzhou Construction Energy Saving and Prefabricated Building Development Center, and representatives of the parties and event organizers who jointly created the autoclaved aerated concrete green wall pilot project. The persons in charge jointly unveiled the “Jointly Establishing Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Green Wall Pilot Project”. Deputy Director Liu Guocun said at the ceremony that it is a requirement of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development to promote green construction, promote green construction methods, and create building quality demonstration projects. Only good wall materials without good construction methods cannot form good walls. “Jointly creating an autoclaved aerated concrete green wall project” is doing practical and good things for the society and the people. It is hoped that all parties concerned will cooperate closely to provide good experience for the comprehensive promotion of aerated concrete dry construction of green walls in the future and summarize new models.

During the subsequent autoclaved aerated concrete block and plate application observation meeting, the participants watched the “wet construction” of ordinary blocks and the “dry construction” of high-quality blocks. In addition to the differences in products, supporting materials, construction methods, and construction tools, there are also significant differences in the thickness of masonry crevices and plastering. Practice has shown that walls with “dry construction” that are accurate in size and excellent in performance for aerated concrete blocks can effectively prevent common building quality problems such as hollowing, cracking, and leakage of the wall, and the wall can be self-insulated. No additional thermal insulation structure is needed for the external wall to achieve the combination of enclosure and energy saving, which can meet the energy-saving requirements of the building, and can fundamentally solve the technical problems of the external wall composite insulation layer being easy to fall off, hidden fire hazards, and short service life. . In addition, it has higher wall quality and overall performance and construction efficiency than ordinary “wet construction” blocks. It can also reduce resource consumption and reduce engineering costs by more than 10%.

In “Study on Application Technology and Marketing Strategy of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Production”, Andrea Antonio, General Manager of Aircrete, and Liu Yi, Group Technical Director of Zhejiang Hangjiazetong Building Energy-saving New Material Co., Ltd. In-depth analysis of concrete production and application technology and corporate marketing management, interactive interaction of all members, case sharing, integration of lectures and discussions, combination of theory and practice. Everyone generally thinks that the seminars focus on pain points, make up for shortcomings, take the pulse, and ground the atmosphere. This is the most in-depth and effective seminar in the industry, and one session is better than the other.

The co-organizers of this series of activities are Henan Wall Material Industry Association, Zhengzhou Civil Engineering Association Wall Material Branch, Henan Xing’an New Building Material Co., Ltd., Shangqiu Min’an Building Material Co., Ltd., and Henan Chengyuan Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. The event also received Zhengzhou City Building Energy Efficiency and Prefabricated Building Development Center, China Circular Economy Association Wall Material Innovation Working Committee, China Building Research Institute Co., Ltd. Green Building Materials Evaluation Center, Aircrete Europe Da Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd., Dongyue Machinery Co., Ltd., Shandong Tebot Building Technology Co., Ltd. (TBT) and other units strongly support.