Comparison between hydraulic forming machine and vibration forming machine

Compared with the vibration forming (brick making) machine, the hydraulic forming (brick making) machine has the advantages of low production noise, low noise production, low power consumption, low failure rate and so on. At the same time, the hydraulic forming machine also has the advantages of multiple functions and simple operation, and the price will be different. Both are used to produce bricks, but the production principles are different, so the types of bricks they are good at will also be different, which will be described in detail below:


The hydraulic forming machine uses the method of two-way compaction to compact the bricks, so it is not suitable for producing bricks that are too high, otherwise it is easy to cause unevenness of the bricks. In addition, the hydraulic forming machine is suitable for the production of non-porous bricks, because the damage rate for the production of porous bricks will be higher, which will cause the loss of raw materials. Despite the limitations of the production of hydraulic forming machines, hydraulic forming machines still perform well in their professional fields. In addition, its low noise in the production process is beyond the reach of the vibration forming machine. In order to strictly abide by local environmental regulations, hydraulic forming machines are undoubtedly a suitable choice.