Dry-spreading wear-resistant floor hardener(Emery wear-resistant flooring )

The dry-spreading wear-resistant floor hardener is composed of mineral alloy aggregates of a certain particle size, special cement, other admixtures and additives, and can be used after opening the bag. Spread it evenly on the concrete surface in the early stage of solidification , and process it with special technology to form it as a whole with the concrete floor. It is a high-performance wear-resistant floor with high density and coloring.

Superior performance of dry-spread wear-resistant floor hardener

Dry-spreading wear-resistant floor hardener

1.The life of the dry-spread wear-resistant floor hardener is more than 3 times that of ordinary concrete floors;

2.Low porosity ;

3.High density;

4.Good durability;

5.High strength and high wear resistance;

6.Bright and clean without dust;

7.No dust and sand.

Dry-spreading wear-resistant floor hardener

Application range

Dry spreading wear-resistant floor hardener is widely used workshops, warehouses, garages, and other large-area flooring projects that require high wear resistance, high brightness, cleanness, dust-free and long life.