Hydraulic forming machine maintenance knowledge

Customers who buy hydraulic forming machines are all ready to produce construction materials. Because they have a good understanding of construction materials, they do not know too much about machinery and equipment, especially hydraulic machinery. After the equipment is bought back, care and maintenance are needed to ensure that it works properly.

The hydraulic forming machine is the same as other brick machine equipment, and the equipment inspection and maintenance work needs to be performed regularly. What is different is that to properly maintain and use the hydraulic brick machine equipment, you need to know the specific content of its maintenance and maintenance.

Daily maintenance of hydraulic forming machine

Clean the equipment after work every day, including the scattered material around the bin, the material on the guide rail, the material on the brick frame and the material on the control cabinet. After the work is completed, it is necessary to ensure that there is no material left in the material box and mold of the hydraulic brick machine, because these mixtures will clump over time, and the equipment will be damaged when working again; Add a dust cover and fill the oil every day; check whether the filter of the pumping station is clogged every day; check whether the cooling effect of the cooler is normal; observe whether there is oil leakage in the equipment; stop the oil immediately to find the problem and solve the problem. So as not to cause big losses to small problems.

Regular maintenance

The quality of hydraulic oil has a large impact on the hydraulic brick machine. The failure of the brick press is largely caused by the hydraulic oil. When purchasing, you should choose high-quality 46 anti-wear hydraulic oil. Replace it every 120 days in the future. At the same time, cleaning the fuel tank is also critical. The secondary fuel tank should be cleaned in 10 days, 1 month, and 6 months. Iron filings in the fuel tank of the new equipment enter the oil circuit. The damage is relatively large; the cooler is used to cool the hydraulic oil. The cooling water should be selected below 20 degrees of circulating water. Softening treatment is required. The untreated water will deposit a layer of calcium on the inner surface of the cooler, affecting the cooling fruit. It is a regular inspection: oil filters, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic valves, sealing elements, oil pipes, etc., will age or be damaged for a long time, and they should be replaced or repaired if they fail. The screws of the equipment that work for a long time will also loosen and should be tightened every month. In short, use and maintenance should be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the equipment manual.

Hydraulic forming machine parts maintenance

Brick machine equipment maintenance

a. Check the bolt tightness of each part of the brick machine every day, especially the oscillator part. The vibration motor skin needs to be checked often. If there are scenes such as wear and slip, it should be replaced in time. The belt is too worn. Should be replaced in a timely manner;

b. The main part of the brick machine production is the mold. The mold affects the quality of the product bricks. When the production is carried out, it takes time to ensure that the mold is clean and does not stick to the material. It must be checked at any time. To replace the mold, it is necessary to prevent it from falling suddenly when it is suspended by a rope at the time of the replacement;

c. The cement brick machine equipment uses a hydraulic system. It must be cleaned and must not be mixed with impurities. It is necessary to check the oil level. When using it, make sure to add oil to clean it. It is necessary to prevent the iron chips from entering the bottom of the tank ;

d. When the equipment is discontinued, the inside and outside of the equipment must be cleaned, and the equipment must be clean.

Hollow brick machine mold maintenance

a. Install or replace new and old molds. Avoid collisions, bumps, civilized assembly, and pay attention to maintaining the molds.

b. In the application, often check the mold dimensions and welding joints. Weld cracks should be repaired in time. If the wear is too fast, the grain size of the aggregate must be adjusted. Excessive wear affects the quality of the finished product.

c. Carefully adjust the clearance, including the distance between the indenter and the mold core, the indenter and the moving plane of the material cart, the mold frame and the wire plate. The relative movement must not be dry and rubbing;

d. When cleaning the molds daily, use an air compressor and soft things to remove concrete residues. It is strictly forbidden to hit or pry the molds by gravity;

e. The replaced mold should be clean, oil-proof and rust-proof. It should be placed flat on a boring, flat place to avoid gravity deformation.

Touch screen maintenance

The touch screen maintenance of the device is also very important. The following requirements must be met:

a. Do not open the rear shell of the touch screen of the hydraulic brick machine.

b. Do not place magnets, motors and other magnetic objects near the touch screen.

c. Never use hard objects to touch the surface of the control screen.

d. It is strictly forbidden to drip corrosive liquid on the touch screen.

e. Turn off the power before installing, removing and cleaning the touch screen.

f. Regularly check the vents on the rear shell of the touch screen to keep the vents clear

Hydraulic forming machine maintenance

a. Ensure that the hydraulic oil is clean to prevent dust and impurities from mixing into the hydraulic oil to contaminate the oil.

Many failures of hydraulic brick making machines are caused by hydraulic oil pollution. Hydraulic oil is the key to the operation of hydraulic brick making machines. It determines the main performance of the equipment, so it is necessary to strengthen the management of hydraulic oil.

b. Seal the hydraulic brick machine well to prevent air from entering the hydraulic system.

The hydraulic system is a sealed and perfect system. A good system should be ensured during work to prevent air from entering. During the work process, the actual condition of the oil must be checked regularly, and sufficient hydraulic oil must be kept in the tank to avoid the use of hydraulic oil to discharge air into the hydraulic system. The NG element is used to ensure that all parts of the pipe are tight and the equipment is well sealed. During use, the pressure in all parts of the system should be kept below atmospheric pressure or a partial vacuum.

c. Prevent hydraulic system leakage of hydraulic brick making machine

The main points of maintenance

1. The commissioning and maintenance of the hydraulic brick machine pumping station requires workers. When removing the hydraulic components, the parts should be placed in a clean place without scratches on each sealing surface;

2. Hydraulic oil is the energy transmission medium when the hydraulic station is working. The quality, cleanliness and viscosity of hydraulic oil play a leading role in the service life of hydraulic pumps, valves and cylinders. Therefore, when using a hydraulic station, the quality of the hydraulic oil should be valued, the hydraulic oil should be kept clean, the oil in the hydraulic system must be strictly filtered, and the hydraulic system should be equipped with an oil filter;

3. Under the condition that the system works normally, the pressure of the hydraulic pump should be adjusted as much as possible, and the pressure of the back pressure valve should be reduced as much as possible to reduce energy loss and heat;

4. In order to prevent dust and water from falling into the fuel tank, the container should be kept clean and regularly maintained;

5. The fuel tank liquid level should always be kept high enough to allow the oil in the system to have sufficient circulating cooling conditions, keep the oil tank, oil pipes and other equipment clean and help heat dissipation. A normal oil temperature of 30 ° C to 55 ° C is a suitable temperature. Long service life, long service life, oil temperature over 60 ℃, shortened service life by 8 ℃;

6. Try to prevent the air pressure in each part of the system from falling below atmospheric pressure. At the same time, a good sealing device should be used and replaced in time when the seal is lost. All force screws, such as cylinder head guide screws, piston rod flange screws, etc., must be fixed regularly to prevent loosening, prevent air from entering the hydraulic system and oil leakage;

7. The system with water cooler should maintain sufficient cooling water and smooth pipes, and the ventilation system should be kept stable to prevent high temperature of oil.

Doing good maintenance of the hydraulic forming machine is the key to improving the service life and productivity of the hydraulic forming machine.