Performance characteristics of AAC panel

Autoclaved lightweight aerated concrete panel: AAC panel is a high-performance autoclaved lightweight aerated concrete panel produced by introducing and absorbing the advanced technology and application experience of Japan and European countries after 40 years of development. It is based on silica sand, cement, lime and other raw materials, after high-pressure steam curing into the multi-porosity concrete sheet forming; Can not only do wall material, but also do roof board, is a kind of superior performance of new building materials. Its main features are as follows:

1.Bulk density: AAC board bulk density is light, (absolutely dry) Y0= 600-700kg /m3, dry density is 1/3 of red brick, 1/4 of concrete, dry density is lighter than water, known as floating on the surface of the concrete.

2.Strength: Cube compressive strength ≥ 4Mpa, single point hanging force ≥1200N. As a non-load-bearing maintenance structural material, it can fully meet the bending resistance, cracking resistance and joint strength requirements of the plate under various use conditions. It is a kind of lightweight and high strength maintenance structural material.

AAC panel

3.Thermal insulation: the material not only has good thermal insulation performance, thermal conductivity is only 0.11-0.16W/M.K, but also has good thermal insulation performance [thermal storage coefficient S=2.75W(M2.K)]. When a reasonable thickness is used, it can not only be used in cold areas with high insulation requirements, but also in hot summer and warm winter areas or hot summer and cold winter areas with high insulation requirements to meet the requirements of energy saving standards.

4. Sound insulation: the material is a kind of porous material composed of a large number of uniform and disconnected small pores, with good sound insulation performance, the average volume of 100 thick AAC board 40dB, the average volume of 150 thick AAC board 45dB;

5. Fire resistance: AAC plate is a non-combustible inorganic material, with good fire resistance, fire resistance limit as wallboard 100 thick plate >3 hours; 150 thick plate >4 hours; 50 thick plate protection steel beam fire resistance >4 hours; All exceed the first-grade fire resistance standard;

AAC panel

6. Durability: AAC is a kind of inorganic silicate material, not aging, good durability, its service life can match the service life of all kinds of buildings;

7. Freezing resistance: good frost resistance, mass loss <1.5%(national standard <5%) after freeze-thaw test, strength loss <5%(national standard <20%);

8. Impermeability: good impermeability, 5 times better than the standard brick impermeability;

9. Softening coefficient: high softening coefficient, RW/RO =0.88;

10. Green environmental protection material: the material is no radioactivity, no harmful gas escape, is a green environmental protection material;

11. Construction: AAC plate production, standardization, industrialization of installation, sawing, cutting, planing, drilling, construction dry work, fast;

12. Matching: AAC board has a perfect application supporting system, equipped with special connector, pointing agent, repair powder, interface agent, etc.

13. Construction is simple and low cost: the use of this material without plastering, reduce the cost of 20-25 yuan/square meter; Can directly blow putty spray paint;

14. Surface quality is good, no cracking: the use of this material because of the use of dry construction, so there is no empty drum crack phenomenon on the surface;

15.The use of AAC board for internal partition can increase the usable area.