Special AAC production system

The specical AAC production system can produce high-quality autoclaved aerated concrete products and has the ultimate smooth cutting equipment with post-processing effects. This equipment can make the cutting surface extremely smooth, and revolutionaryly changed the design and construction of modern buildings.

The product package of modern AAC plant includes blocks, internal partitions, reinforced wall panels/roof panels/floor panels, exterior cladding and door lintels. Only one plant can supply all AAC products for the whole building solutions.

Different from traditional construction methods, the prefabricated buildings will complete the assembly of a large number of prefabricated components in the factory, and the construction process is similar to “building blocks”, which will be completed by building prefabricated components. The advantage of this construction method is that it can improve the quality of the project, shorten the construction period, and also reduce the pollution to the environment. AAC panels and blocks produced by APEX are two of the major types of prefabricated buildings.

AAC production system

Ultimate smooth cutting system

(1) European engineering design, European quality standard

(2) Daily production capacity from 320m³ to 1500m³

(3) Capacity and product types can be easily expanded

(4) Flexible raw material types-sand and fly ash

Exclusive technology-double line vibration cutting

After the first cutting line, a second smoothing cutting line is innovatively added-ensuring high precision and ultimate smooth surface.

AAC products