Advantages of aerated concrete (AAC) wall panels in construction

(1) Reduce wet work on the construction site, improve construction efficiency and shorten the construction period by about 1/2:

The use of blocks must increase the structural columns and anti-seismic waist beam, the single wall construction needs more than three days to complete. And the block wall needs to be plastered on both sides to meet the flatness requirements. The wall plastering is completed, and it needs more than 30 days to dry. Only after drying can the construction of the coating and painting process be carried out. Aerated concrete lightweight wallboard for field measurement, size processing and production, the construction of a single wall can be completed in one day at most, the wallboard for dry construction, there is no wet field operation. After the completion of the installation of the wall roughness error is not more than 3mm, the wall without plastering, the completion of the construction can enter the wall coating paint construction process.

AAC panel

(2) Save the project cost, the maximum savings of about $10 /㎡ :

① Compared with 200mm thick aerated concrete block wall, the lightweight wall plate eliminates the constructional column and waist beam in the block wall and reduces the consumption of steel and concrete; Metope need not hang net plastering, blow putty directly. Compared with the block partition wall, the project cost can be reduced by 15.00-25.00 yuan /㎡.

②Compared with the aerated concrete block wall, the slab does not need to set constructional column and concrete waist beam, and the vertical dry bulk density of light wall slab is no more than 650kg (conservative design value is 850 kg/m3); There are masonry mortar, concrete waist beam, constructional column and plastering mortar on both sides of the aerated concrete block wall (concrete bulk density is 2400 kg/m3, cement mortar bulk density is 2000 kg/m3). Under normal conditions, the comprehensive cubic bulk density is about 1300-1400kg. The lightweight wallboard is used to effectively reduce the bearing load of the structure; Design phase according to the plate bulk density calculation and structural load, can save the steel content of about 4-6kg/㎡;

AAC panel

(3) To meet the requirements of various technical indicators and increase the indoor area:

① 150mm thick aerated concrete lightweight wallboard meets the heat preservation, heat insulation and sound insulation indexes of 200mm thick aerated concrete block; Compared with the use of aerated concrete block wall, the thickness can be reduced by more than 50mm, reducing the space occupied by the wall and increasing the indoor usable area;

②The crack resistance performance of the wall board is more obvious than that of the block wall, because there are two layers of two-way steel mesh inside to strengthen and restrict its expansion and contraction, and the contact parts of the whole wall and beam column are filled with special binder, and few cracks appear; With the passage of time, the settlement of the wall will produce more cracks in the wall and wall side, and it is difficult to deal with the cracks once they occur.

AAC panel

③high seismic performance, after the relevant seismic load failure test, the plate in the engineering structure can resist 8.0 earthquake to the wall does not fall, even if the fracture, due to the connection of the steel mesh in the plate, but also to break and do not collapse;

④Compared with sandwich color steel composite plate, the fire performance advantage is more obvious in steel structure engineering. The plate is made of inorganic materials, which is non-combustible in case of fire. The fire resistance limit of 100mm thick can reach more than 3.5 hours.