What’s the difference in the quality of construction between red bricks and AAC blocks?

AAC block is made up of fly ash, gypsum, cement, lime, and water. This is 8 times bigger than normal brick and lighter than red clay brick. Low energy required in production, low raw material consumption and recyclables of AAC block work make it environment-friendly.


Conventional brick work has many steps – collect materials required for mortar, sand, cement, and water. Transportation of cement and sand to the place of mixing.Screening of sand before mixing in mortar. Pre-wetting of bricks before use at the site. Mixing of all the material as per the desired specification. Supervision at the time of brickwork. Curing after brickwork is complete.

AAC block has few steps – transportation is easy as the only bag of ready mix mortar is used. No pre-wetting before brickwork and curing after brickwork is required. Add water as per the required consistency. Ready-mix mortar is ready for use.

AAC block


1. AAC block is eco-friendly whereas conventional red brick is not.

2. On AAC block dead load on the structure is low which reduces the consumption of cement, steel, and water. Whereas using red clay brick there’s a heavy dead load on the structure.

3. AAC blocks emit less heat in the atmosphere due to less use of cement, steel, and concrete whereas on the other hand red clay bricks emits high heat to the atmosphere.

4. AAC blocks have less material wastage whereas conventional red clay bricks have high material wastage.

5. AAC block has high thermal and sound insulating properties whereas red clay bricks have low thermal and low sound insulation.

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