Three future trends of prefabricated buildings

Greening is the most important symbol of prefabricated buildings

Green prefabricated buildings are the most important symbol of the industrialization and modernization of buildings. The new green prefabricated building system will inevitably be widely used in future buildings.

Prefabricated building

At present, developed countries are paying attention to the development of new green assembly building systems based on composite structural systems, steel structures, steel/plastic structures, and wood structures. The goal is to make prefabricated buildings from design, production, transportation, construction, and use to In the entire building life cycle of scrap treatment, the impact on the environment is the smallest and the resource efficiency is the highest, making the building’s component system develop in the direction of safety, environmental protection, energy saving and sustainable development.

Prefabricated building

The prefabricated building system will be modularized, standardized and integrated

At the current stage in my country, enterprises and research institutions are dominated by their own R&D systems, and technology is still a closed system. The disadvantages are low integration, limited structure, lack of design flexibility, and no popularization of modularity. The future technology development trend is to transform from a closed system to an open system. It can devote itself to the development of standardized functional blocks, unified modules in design, and personalized integration, which is easy to be unified and full of changes, which facilitates production and construction. Give designers and builders more freedom in assembly and construction.

Prefabricated building

Integrated construction, general engineering contracting is the general trend

To overcome the design, production, and construction problems encountered by prefabricated buildings, it is necessary to implement integrated construction and promote the development of general contracting. All aspects of prefabricated buildings from design, construction to construction put forward higher professional technical requirements for practitioners. Therefore, it is particularly important to have a professional and collaborative engineering general contracting team. The implementation of an integrated modern enterprise operation management model in production, construction and assembly, operation management and other links can maximize the role of the enterprise in the integration of design, production, construction and management of resource allocation and maximize overall benefits .