Luoyang City Prefabricated Building Envelope System Technology and Application Promotion Conference was successfully held

On November 17, 2020, the “Prefabricated Building Enclosure System Technology and Application Promotion Conference” hosted by Luoyang Construction Technology Association and undertaken by Luoyang Huansheng Construction Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully held. More than 70 representatives from relevant government departments, design review agencies, development and construction companies attended the meeting.

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At the meeting, Jiao Yongjian, president of Luoyang Construction Technology Association, delivered a speech. He pointed out that in recent years, in order to implement the national, provincial and municipal policies related to the development of prefabricated buildings, the Municipal Construction Technology Association has seized the historical opportunities of “sub-central city construction” and the transformation and upgrading of the construction industry. Bridges are built between the sides to provide application promotion scenarios for the deep integration of cross-domain, all-round, and multi-level industries, and deeply promote the development of prefabricated buildings in the city.

The meeting also invited well-known experts in the industry, Lu Qinggang, deputy chief engineer of Beijing Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd., and Yang Yunfeng, engineering technical director of Beijing Jinyu Aerated Concrete Co., Ltd., to discuss the national building standards for autoclaved aerated concrete (ALC) panels. The design atlas, technical specifications and application in prefabricated buildings were deeply interpreted.

Afterwards, the participants visited and inspected Luoyang Huansheng Construction Technology Co., Ltd.

Huansheng Construction Technolog

Imported high progress ALC production line

In response to the national industrial policy on accelerating the development of prefabricated buildings, Luoyang Huansheng Construction Technology Co., Ltd. has further strengthened the synergy between the Ruyang prefabricated building industry cluster and the Luoyang prefabricated building industry chain; at the same time, it actively implements industrial solid waste integration Utilize, introduce Dutch Aircrete’s advanced technology and imported production lines, use industrial solid waste such as quartz tailings and ceramic tailings as raw materials to produce unique, extremely smooth and high-precision ALC plates, effectively promoting the national industrial solid waste Recycling.

This meeting strengthened the contacts and exchanges between enterprises, and set a new demonstration for Luoyang prefabricated construction industry to embark on a connotative, intensive and high-quality development path.

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