The contract signing ceremony was held for the yuyang prefabricated construction industrial park project

On the morning of May 24th, the project signing ceremony of yuyang assembly building industrial park was held in the people’s government of yuyang county. Zhao zhenfeng, deputy secretary and head of ruyang county committee, hai xiaobin, member of the standing committee of the county committee and head of the united front work department, hao dongsheng, chairman of luoyang hongyi public utilities investment and development group co., LTD., and zhang yanan, chairman of luoyang zhongye heavy industry group co., LTD., attended the signing ceremony. This marks the luoyang huansheng construction technology co., LTD. Formally entered ruyang.

Yuyang county standing committee, united front minister hai xiaobin and huansheng construction chairman cao mingchun signed.

Luoyang ring construction technology co., LTD. Is from luoyang hong righteousness utilities investment development group co., LTD and luoyang, China metallurgical heavy industry group co., LTD., set up joint investment, is a positive response about speed up the development of prefabricated construction industry policy, undertake RuYang industrial clusters on the implementation of the function requirement of developing green building materials and prefabricated buildings, invest in the construction of key projects.

The construction of the project not only has remarkable economic and environmental benefits, but also has a positive promoting effect on the development of local related industries and the upgrading of industrial structure.