Provide love, serve the society, sublimate oneself zhongye heavy industry volunteer association holds the new member to join the

On the afternoon of May 31, China metallurgical heavy industry volunteers association held an unforgettable initiation ceremony for new members. Zhang yanan, chairman of the group, hai su min, President of China metallurgical heavy industry volunteer association, wei ying, secretary general and nearly 50 new and old members from China metallurgical heavy industry volunteer association participated in the activity.

At the beginning of the ceremony, chairman zhang yanan delivered a speech. “To do good, to help others, to conform to social values,” he said. On the individual level, doing charity can purify one’s soul. Maybe doing little things can be very helpful to others, and your heart will be more fulfilled and happy. At the same time, to do good is also for themselves and future generations to accumulate virtue and benefit. From the enterprise level, the development of the enterprise benefits from the society, and the progress of the society cannot be separated from the enterprise. With the development of MCG group for 22 years, we are grateful for the stage provided by the society. Next, under the guidance of President zhang yanan, association members have signed on the flag as a souvenir.

The President of the association, Ms. Hysan min, read the association’s articles of association and the list of new members. She warmly welcomed the new members. She stressed the sense of responsibility and team spirit, and hoped that new members could feel the warmth of the team. At the same time, she expected everyone to adhere to the principle of “dedication to love, service to society and self-realization”, establish volunteer service spirit and pass on the pure love .

Wei ying, the secretary general of the association, used PPT, illustrated with photos and reviewed the past activities of the association and the planning of future activities with all of you, so as to help new members further understand the association and clarify their responsibilities and responsibilities as a member of the association.

Next, the new member took a solemn oath and the old member representative and the new member representative spoke. The old members told about their gains and feelings in the association, and they hoped that MCG volunteers association would serve the society not only as a service, but also as a spirit. The new member representative described some special feelings about the MCC volunteer association and expected the future development of the association to be more beautiful.

Finally, the initiation ceremony ended with new and old members singing the song “make the world full of love.” This initiation ceremony is helpful to raise the consciousness of voluntary service of the association members, greatly promotes the initiative of the association members to participate in voluntary service, and is of great significance to the development and expansion of the association in the future.