Gypsum self-leveling mortar

APEX gypsum self-leveling mortar ,it use low-energy modified semi-hydrated building gypsum as the gelling raw material with ultra-fine inorganic fillers and various polymer modified stimulants and multi-level aggregates to prepared into a single-component pre-made dry powder product, which is formed a high-fluidity slurry after mixing with water. It has a comprehensive cost-effective :it can be manual construction or mechanized large-area pouring and can realize automatic and accurate leveling of ground .

Gypsum self-leveling mortar

It is a new type, green and high-tech floor engineering material, which can replace the traditional cement, sand and fine stone concrete construction. One leveling can meet the construction needs of all decorative surfaces. The finished surface can be thinly laminated with floor tiles and assembled with wooden floors , PVC plastic floor paste, epoxy and polyurethane floor paint, can be widely used in building indoor floor leveling projects.

Features of Gypsum Self-leveling Mortar

Gypsum self-levelingGypsum self-leveling

High leveling accuracy

After the gypsum self-leveling construction is completed, the three-meter measurement with a ruler can achieve a height difference of less than 2mm;

Good volume stability

Product volume change rate of -0.04%, no hollowing, no cracking;

Good quality of surface

Backfilling, raising and leveling are completed at one time. The thickness of 3mm-100mm can be poured at one time. Overcoming the shortcomings of cement-based self-leveling, which can only be leveled in thin layers;

Controllable construction thickness

One-time pouring with thickness of 3mm-80mm can meet different construction requirements;

High construction efficiency

After product is poured, people can walk after 4-6 h, it greatly shorten the construction interval time. Mechanized pumping and pouring is more than 5 times more efficient than traditional ground leveling construction.

Reduce building load

The hardened dry density of the product is about 30% lower than that of concrete, which effectively reduces the building load and improves the seismic grade.

Meet on-site environmental requirements

Dry powder transportation, wet pumping construction, no dust, no pollution, reduce the impact of road, environmental protection and control.

Reduce comprehensive cost

Using “APEX” gypsum self-leveling can save a lot of labor costs, time costs and management costs, and reduce the comphrehensive cost by more than 20%.