Lightweight gypsum plaster has replaced traditional cement mortar to become a new favorite for building interior wall plaster

With the rapid development of the current era, all walks of life in electronics, Internet and architecture are moving forward with the trend of rapid development. It seems that after the development of our country is certain, we will advance like a straight line. Today, we will talk about the lightweight gypsum plaster used in the plastering of the interior walls of buildings.

Lightweight gypsum plaster

First of all, let’s take a look at the traditional process product of interior wall plastering — cement mortar. Cement mortar has been used to a large extent in the past development, but in recent years, various problems frequently occur in cement mortar plastering, which makes the majority of developers back away. Due to cement mortar plaster often appear empty drum, crack, off powder led to the interior walls of the unqualified phenomenon, is likely to make a very good moment into a jerry-built projects construction, and the root cause of these phenomena appear unexpectedly is small interior walls caused by the use of traditional cement mortar plastering, and these defects is the common fault of the cement mortar exist, that is to say the situation cannot be solved, due to long time people have to accept the cruel reality, before decorate use interface agent or glue to make up for the defects, but also is take temporary solution not effect a permanent cure, Nowadays, the emergence of a new building material completely overturns the whole structure — the emergence of light plaster plaster and plaster mortar is indeed a qualitative leap. It makes up for all the shortcomings of cement mortar, and on this basis, there are many new functions.

Lightweight gypsum plaster

Lightweight gypsum plaster construction craft simple easy to operate, its main raw material for the desulfurization gypsum, and desulfurization gypsum is power plant itself, waste output, light plaster gypsum will have further processing and waste power plant of finished goods, contributing to society and the construction industry a force, plastering gypsum slurry itself have heat preservation, heat insulation, environmental protection, simple construction, light weight and other characteristics, and the emergence of new building materials of lightweight plastering gypsum, now let the market more active, lightweight plastering gypsum and cement mortar is a heaven and an underground, Light plaster gypsum can batch of 160 square meters of area per ton (thickness calculated according to one centimeter), so light product developers not only save cost, construction personnel can be more out of the area, double the amount of gypsum plaster daub, more green environmental protection, is a new kind of building materials in the true sense, is a big important trend of the development of interior wall plastering engineering.

Now lightweight gypsum plaster domestic brands are not many, but can make high quality is less,including the APEX, already after years of repeated research and exploration, lightweight gypsum plastering mortar has become more mature and successful, sincerely hope that the general partner of project can be used to great products at an early date.