What are the performance indexes of cement self-leveling mortar?

The full name of cement self-leveling mortar is cement-based self-leveling mortar, which is mainly composed of cement-based gel materials, fine aggregates, fillers and additives. After mixing with water, it has fluidity or a new type of ground that can flow and level with a little auxiliary paving. Level the material. Cement self-leveling is mainly divided into surface layer cement-based self-leveling mortar and cushion cement-based self-leveling mortar.

Cement self-leveling is a new type of cement-gel material developed in the 1970s in advanced foreign countries, and then improved by other materials. It is a new type of material used for ground leveling. It is a reform of the traditional ground leveling practice and can be effective Instead of traditional methods, it greatly improves the flatness of the ground, and can easily repair the sand, damage and other phenomena that are prone to traditional ground.

Performance indicators of cement self-leveling mortar

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1. Flow rate

The flow speed is an important indicator reflecting the performance of cement self-leveling mortar. The fluidity and flow time of the slurry are related to whether the slurry can automatically level on the base. At present, the fluidity of cement self-leveling mortar slurry on the market is between 210-260mm.

2. Slurry stability

The stability of the slurry is an index reflecting the stability of the slurry of cement self-leveling mortar material. This index performance has a greater impact on the surface condition and durability of the material after molding.

3. Compressive strength

Cement self-leveling mortar is used as a ground leveling material. The compressive strength must conform to the construction specifications for cement floors. The domestic ordinary cement is Hajiang surface layer requires a compressive strength of 15Mpa or more, and the compressive strength of cement concrete surface layer is 20Mpa or more. The compressive strength of the self-leveling cement mortar material after hardening is 20Mpa-40Mpa.

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4. Flexural strength

At present, the self-leveling flexural strength of cement mortar on the market should be greater than 7Mpa.

5. Setting time

The setting time of cement self-leveling mortar material slurry is not only related to the construction operability of the slurry, but also has a certain impact on the strength of the slurry before it is cured early. Therefore, the setting time of cement self-leveling mortar material slurry needs to meet the Use time construction requirements.

6. Impact resistance

The cement self-leveling mortar material should be able to withstand the collision of the human body and the transported goods in normal traffic. When it is subjected to a general accidental or deliberate collision, it will not cause damage to the ground.

7. Wear resistance

Cement self-leveling mortar, as a fine-leveling material for the ground surface, must withstand normal ground traffic. Due to its thin leveling layer, when the ground base is solid, its bearing force is mainly on the surface, not on the volume, so its wear resistance is more important than the compressive strength.

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8. Bonding tensile strength to the base layer

The bonding strength between the cement floor self-flowing material and the base layer is directly related to whether the slurry will be hollowed and dropped after hardening, which has a greater impact on the durability of the material. We recommend that the high self-leveling material itself use various conditions and construction capabilities, and it is also necessary to apply the interface agent before the construction of the cement self-leveling mortar.

9. Crack resistance

Crack resistance is a key indicator of cement self-leveling mortar material, and its size is related to whether the cement self-leveling mortar material has cracks, hollowing, falling off and other phenomena after hardening.

The above is the relevant introduction about the performance indicators of cement self-leveling mortar. The self-leveling cement has good fluidity and stability, self-leveling, no need for vibrating, rubbing pressure; simple and fast construction, low labor intensity; smooth and smooth, and High strength and good water resistance; suitable for various building grounds and other advantages. Widely used in hospitals, factories, workshops, warehouses, commercial stores, exhibition halls, gymnasiums, homes, offices, etc. to level the ground.