The secret of installation skills of AAC panel(二)

For the installation skills of autoclaved aerated pannel, we have also introduced them to you in detail. Now we will continue to share their installation skills.

一、 There are two ways of the junction bewteen AAC partition board and beam column board and other structure. One is surface treatmnet , the other is panel seam treatment.

The panel seam is to leave a grap of 10-20mm at the joint, when the span is less than and equal to 6 metre , the plaster mortor is squeezed in the joint. On the contrary, when the span is more than 6 metre, the foarming agent(change foarming agent to rock wool when there is fire prevention requirements) should be filled with in the joint to prevent the shrinkage and deformation due to the temperature.

二、Regarding the waterproofing of partition wall board in bathroom and kitchen made by AAC Panel.

Waterproofing technology treatment can be done according to the conventional design requirements,can be TS coils、SBS coils、polyurethane coating, etc.